Web logs of Si Simulation projects

  A messy geometry bug    fix.html
  The barrel has expanded    newbarrel.html
  Enlarge endcaps to cover the MuTr acceptance    newendcap.html
  Shrink the endcaps    newendcap_2.html
  Add barrel support and cooling tubes    newgeom.html
  New geom in various formats    acceptance vs angle, z
 Overlapping volumes in Geant    geant many
  Early simulation runs    sim.html
  Single c,b->mu resolution    resolution
  Effects of barrel, strip size    more resolution
  Check on overlapping Si detectors    overlap.html
  Track density for AuAu    occupancy in the silicon endcaps
  MuTr dead areas    muon arm acceptance and dead areas
  More occupancy plots    max occupancy in station 1 for central auau
  simplify MuTr acceptance cut    add mutr station 1 dummy planes
  This is for the LDRD prototype    quarter section of the endcaps
  Just scattering in the barrel    residuals
  Solving an old bug    double records?
  Density    track density in 6cm 80 um strips
  proposal plots    for the doe proposal
  dca    dca
  flat planes    flatten the lampshades
  thresholds    apply a threshold cut before clustering
  lampshades    clustering and thresholds in cone configuration
  cone vs flat    resolution vs angle
  flat configuration    acceptance vs angle and event vertex
  using the barrel    do we have any 3D capability?
  clustering    z-vertex resolution
  comparison    summary of flat vs c
  ldrd    4 small rectangles on the North side
  full digitization, auau events    occupancy issues
  digitization for pixel detector    5 GeV mu's, AuAu
  vertex determination    ldrd option
  different ldrd configurations    a-b-b-b type planes or all same
  ldrd occupancies    for type 4
  Kalman    resolutions
  Material definitions    geometry moved to root, bug fixes
  DCA resolution    vs. everything
  more material:    readout wheels
  fine-tuning z-positions:    acceptance vs resolution
  Setting ADC thresholds    for the default configuration
  dE/dx    turn on delta rays
  a simple event vertex finder    without tracking
  new tracking libraries    old / new resolution
  code reorganization    and some updates
  radiographs    of fvtx, ifvtx
  cardboard mockup    of the ifvtx
  lscan    to measure radiation length
  absorber    for the muon trigger upgrade
  ifvtx    acceptance
  ifvtx    Raa
  ifvtx    4 vs 3 planes
  fvtx    x-scan of event vertex
  orientation    of fvtx stations
  staggering comparison    of fvtx stations
  split the disks    placement of modules
  split disks    disappearing hits
  split disk    configuration

How-to's and other links:
Just run the chain without building libs
modular assembly scheme
catalog of runs and files
how to build PISA
single-particle how-to
fvtx howto
LV wiki
fvtx offline howto
Hugo's pythia generator howto
How to run condor batch jobs
Geant-3 -> Root geometry, and how to find overlapping volumes
CMS software howto
Other FVTX studies:
Radiation lengths using Root tools
Volumes in Pisa when everything is OFF
Volume conflicts in Pisa
Flow studies with water, Novex and barrel barbs       
FVTX flow test channel
1:1 model of the FVTX
MuId in Pisa
Disk-cables-cage assembly,   (local)
DX sphere
Checking the FVTX extension cables,   (local)
MuTr Station 1 spacer block
MuTr hit charge studies
Weak spots in the cooling channel
HDI right-angle bends
Problems with bends in SolidWorks
Cleaning the disk alignment pins
Cutting FVTX storage boxes
Large wedge test stands
Curing HDIs at 350°F
Wedge ground wires
Bias connector lifter
Bias cable lengths
Wedge testing
Cutting Rclad
HDI checks
FVTX cable numbering conventions
Cable bender controller
New extension cable bender
MuTr Omnetics connector tool

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