Past P-25 Seminars

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Date/Time Speaker Title Links Host
Jan 8 2015 Dr. Xuan Li, Temple University Forward studies at RHIC: understanding the structure of the proton     Ming Liu
Jan 13 2015 Dr. Sanghoon Lim The study of heavy quarks in PHENIX at RHIC     Ming Liu
Jan 15 2015 Dr. Clark McGrew, Stony Brook Univ. Sterile Neutrinos at T2K     Richard Van de Water
Jan 20 2015 Robert Pattie, P25 A New N-Nbar Oscillation Search with Free Neutrons     Ming Liu
Feb 9 2015 Dieter Ries, PSI UCN Physics at the Paul Scherrer Institut - Status of the UCN Source and nEDM Experiment      
Feb 26 2015
Dr. Roy Holt, ANL A new search for dark photons abstract   talk Kun Liu
Mar 3 2015 Richard van de Water - P25 The Next Big Discovery: The Hunt for Sterile Neutrinos and the Secluded Sector abstract   Xiaodong Jiang
Mar 10 2015 Alex Friedland, T2 TBD     Xiaodong Jiang
Mar 31 2015 John Smedley, BNL Diamond X-ray Beam Diagnostics     Zhehui Wang
Jun 23 2015 Leonard Gamberg TBD "on Nucleon Spin"     Xiaodong Jiang
Sep 15 2015 Levi Neukirch Optomechanics with levitated nanodiamonds abstract   Dale Tupa
Oct 6 2015 Dr. Jianming Bian, Univ. of Minnesota First results from the NOvA experiment     Christopher Mauger
Oct 27 2015 Kirk Bays (Caltech) TBD     Bill Louis
Dec 1 2015 En-Chuan Huang, University of Illinios On Daya Bay Experiment     Bill Louis

Date/Time Speaker Title Links Host
Jan 13 2014
Zhaowen Tang Parity violation in polarized N-P capture abstract   Takeyasu Ito
Jan 14 2014
T2 seminar
Andreas Metz, Temple University Transverse Single-Spin Asymmetries: Are They Understood? abstract   talk Zhongbo Kang
Jan 21 2014 Gus Sinnis, P23 TeV Astrophysics abstract   Xiaodong Jiang
Jan 29 2014
Robert Pattie A next generation neutron anti-neutron oscillation experiment     Takeyasu Ito
Jan 31 2014 test some title     Hubert
Feb 4 2014 David Flay, Temple University Measurements of the Neutron Longitudinal Spin Asymmetry $A_1$ and Flavor Decomposition in the Valence Quark Region abstract   Xiaodong Jiang
Feb 11 2014 Matt Durham, P25 The Forward Vertex Tracking Detector of the PHENIX Experiment at RHIC abstract   talk Xiaodong Jiang
Feb 18 2014 Prof. Wolfgang Lorenzon, Univ. of Michigan Polarized Proton Beam Drell-Yan Experiments at Fermilab     talk Xiaodong Jiang
Mar 3 2014 Richard van de Water - P25 Short baseline neutrino experiment at FNAL     Xiaodong Jiang
Mar 4 2014 Steve Elliott, P23 The MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR Project abstract   talk Xiaodong Jiang
Mar 11 2014 Prof. Nilanga Liyanage, University of Virginia Developments of GEM-based tracking detectors in Nuclear Physics Experiments     talk Xiaodong Jiang
Mar 18 2014
Room D105
Eric Miller, UNM Identification and Rejection of Backgrounds in the DRIFT Directional Dark Matter Detector     Keith Rielage
Mar 25 2014 Andrew Puckett, University of Connecticut Precision studies of nucleon structure with CEBAF@12 GeV abstract   talk Xiaodong Jiang
Apr 1 2014 Minfang Yeh, BNL Scintillator Detector for Physics Frontier Experiments     talk Gus Sinnis
Apr 22 2014 Wanchun Wei, Brown University Experimental Investigation of Mysteries of Negative Ions in Superfluid Helium-4     Takeyasu Ito
May 6 2014 Prof. Ron Gilman, Rutgers University The Size of Proton     Ming Liu
May 6 2014
Joan Dreiling, University of Nebraska Asymmetric Interactions Between Spin-Polarized Electrons and Chiral Molecules     Dale Tupa
May 13 2014
Room D105
Matt Toups, MIT LAr Detector Technology for Neutrino Physics: Light Detection, MicroBooNE, and Beyond     Bill Louis
May 20 2014 Aaron Key, Univ. of New Mexico Accessing the Gluon Polarization in Polarized pp Collisions at the PHENIX Experiment abstract   Xiaodong Jiang
May 27 2014 Zhenqiang Ma, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison Transferrable Single-Crystalline Semiconductor Nanomembranes and Their Optoelectronic Applications abstract   Zhehui Wang
Jun 3 2014 Yi Qiang, Jefferson Lab Development of Particle Identification Detectors for GlueX and future Electron Ion Collider     Xiaodong Jiang
Jun 10 2014 Sarah Campbell, Iowa State Univ. Future prompt photon measurements with PHENIX's MPC-EX detector abstract   Xiaodong Jiang
Jun 13 2014
Joint with T2 in T2 seminar room.
Prof Fan Wang, Nanjing Univ. The "discovery" of d* dibaryon     Xiaodong Jiang
Jun 17 2014 Esra Bulbul, Harvard Univ. Detection of 3.55 keV Emission Line -- Sterile Neutrino Decay Signature?     Gus Sinnis
Jul 22 2014 Steve Lamoreaux, Yale Univ. Particle Astrophysics in a Can: The ADMX-HF Project abstract   Takeyasu Ito
Aug 12 2014 Prof. Leonard Kisslinger, Carnegie Mellon University The $Z_c(3900)$ as a Tetra-Quark State abstract   Xiaodong Jiang
Sep 23 2014 Eric Church, FNAL An Update on the Short Baseline Neutrino Program at FNAL.     Richard Van De Water
Sep 30 2014 Jean-Philippe Lansberg, Paris-Sud U. Physics opportunities at A Fixed Target ExpeRiment at the LHC (AFTER@LHC) abstract   Cesar da Silva
Oct 1 2014 Dr. Katherine Mesick, Rutgers Univ. A Search for New Physics at the TeV Scale: First Results from the Qweak Experiment abstract   Xiaodong Jiang
Oct 28 2014 Matt Freeman, Duke Univ. Hyperpolarized 129Xe from the lab to the clinic: mitigating Rb cluster formation to boost polarization abstract   Dale Tupa
Nov 4 2014 Mike Wilking, Stony Brook Univ. NuPRISM Experiment at J-PARC     Bill Louis
Nov 18 2014 Alessandro Lovato, ANL Ab-initio calculations of the electroweak response functions of Carbon-12.     Xiaodong Jiang

Date/Time Speaker Title Links Host
Feb 4 2013 Rajan Gupta, T-2 Continued: The Equation of State, Tc, and charge fluctuations in finite temperature QCD     Christopher Mauger
Feb 11 2013 Helio Takai, BNL The ATLAS experiment, the past, the present, and the future abstract   Ming Liu
Feb 12 2013
Tuesday, 11am
Mike McCumber, P-25 Jet Production in Heavy Ion and in p+p collisions     Xiaodong Jiang
Feb 14 2013
Thursday, 9:30am
John Perry, ISR-1 Advanced Applications of Muon Tomography     Dale Tupa
Feb 19 2013
Tuesday, 1pm, D-105
Bill Louis, P-25 Detecting Sterile Neutrinos at SNS & J-PARC (seminar in D-105)     Christopher Mauger
Feb 22 2013
Dinko Pocanic, Virginia Exploring Standard Model boundaries with pions, muons and neutrons     Steve Clayton
Feb 26 2013
Tuesday, 1pm
Richard Van de Water, P-25 WIMPs at MiniBooNE abstract   Christopher Mauger
Mar 26 2013 NA No Seminar This Week      
Apr 9 2013
Tuesday, 1pm
Chris Lee, T-2 Jet production     Xiaodong Jiang
Apr 9 2013 LA Schools Spring Break      
Apr 23 2013
Tuesday, 1pm
Yoshitaka Itow, Nagoya LHCf results and impact on high energy cosmic ray physics     Xiaodong Jiang
Apr 30 2013
Tuesday, 1pm
Wei Li New results from CMS p+Pb 2013 Run     Xiaodong Jiang
May 2 2013
1:00 PM
Xiangdong Ji, Maryland Nucleon Spin Structure     Xiaodong Jiang
May 7 2013
Tuesday, 1pm
Kun Liu, P-25 Fermilab E906 Fixed target dimuon experiment     Ming Liu
May 28 2013 Jen-Chieh Peng, Illinois Exploring the Nucleon Sea     Xiaodong Jiang
Jun 18 2013 Dick Silbar, T-2 Four-quark mesons?     Ming Liu
Jun 25 2013 Chao Zhang, BNL Daya Bay     Christopher Mauger
Jul 30 2013 Wei Guo Helium-based dark matter detection abstract   Takeyasu Ito
Aug 12 2013
Zhong He, Michigan Polaris Gamma-Ray Imaging Spectrometer Systems abstract   talk Jeff Wang
Aug 13 2013
Tuesday, 1pm
Leonard Kisslinger, Carnegie Mellon University Sterile Neutrinos, Pulsar Kicks and Neutrino Oscillations abstract   Ming Liu
Aug 20 2013
Tuesday, 1pm
Jinrui Huang, T-2 MeV dark matter in the 3+1+1 model abstract   talk Bill Louis
Sep 17 2013 Bill Louis, P-25 OscSNS abstract   Christopher Mauger
Sep 24 2013 Chris Morris, P25 Imaging Nuclear Reactors abstract   Xiaodong Jiang
Oct 1 2013 Daniel Salvat, Indiana Neutron Lifetime Experiment abstract   Christopher Mauger
Oct 2 2013
1:00 PM
Marisilvia Donadelli, University of Sao Paulo QUARKONIA PRODUCTION AT THE ATLAS EXPERIMENT IN THE LARGE HADRON COLLIDER abstract   Konstantin Borozdin
Oct 8 2013 Wesley Ketchum MicroBooNE experiment and status abstract   Richard Van De Water
Oct 22 2013 Thomas Brunner, Stanford U. Barium ion tagging for 136Xe double-beta decay abstract   talk Sky Sjue
Dec 10 2013 Pat Harding, P23 The Search for Dark Matter with The High Altitude Water Cherenkov (HAWC) Observatory abstract   talk Xiaodong Jiang

Date/Time Speaker Title Links Host
  Jan 17 2012
1:00 pm
Josh Pierce, JLAB Solid Polarized Targets at Jefferson Lab     Christopher Mauger
Jan 23 2012 Justin Stevens, University of Indiana W Production in the STAR Experiment     Ming Liu
Feb 13 2012 Brian Daub, MIT Low Energy Neutron-Proton Interactions abstract   Takeyasu Ito
Feb 27 2012 Amy Roberts, University of Notre Dame A measurement of 74,76Ge(3He,n) abstract   Takeyasu Ito
Mar 5 2012 John LoSecco, Notre Dame Indication for the disappearance of reactor Nu_e_bar in the Double Chooz experiment abstract   Christopher Mauger
Mar 12 2012 Kevin Hickerson, Caltech Searching for Fierz Interference in the Beta Decay Spectrum of Ultracold Neutrons abstract   Takeyasu Ito
Mar 19 2012 Eric Church, Yale Liquid Argon TPCs     Geoff Mills
Apr 2 2012 Dan Dwyer, Caltech Daya Bay Results     Christopher Mauger
Apr 16 2012 Mike McCumber, Colorado Heavy Ions abstract   talk Xiaodong Jiang
Apr 30 2012 Vincenzo Cirigliano, T-2 Beta decays in the LHC era abstract   talk Christopher Mauger
May 14 2012 Gang Shen, T-2 Inclusive neutrino scattering off deuteron from threshold to GeV energies     Christopher Mauger
Jun 4 2012 No speaker. No seminar. A234 is occupied     xxx
Jun 11 2012 Richard Van de Water New MiniBooNE Results     Bill Louis
Jul 23 2012 XXX No Seminar This Week      
Jul 30 2012 Michael Rabin ISR Mirco Calorimetry     Gerd J. Kunde
Aug 6 2012 Steve Elliott, P-23 Majorana Demonstrator to ton-scale experiment     Christopher Mauger
Aug 13 2012 Leonard Kisslinger, Carnegie-Mellon University Active Neutrinos and Tests of Symmetries; Sterile Neutrinos and Pulsar Kicks abstract   Bill Louis
Sep 10 2012 Laura Patel, Georgia State University Neutral B meson oscillation and prospects for b physics at PHENIX abstract   Xiaodong Jiang
Sep 17 2012 Rajan Gupta, T-2 POSTPONED UNTIL 26 NOVEMBER     Christopher Mauger
Oct 1 2012 Mark Vagins, U Tokyo-IPMU Keeping Gd-Loaded Water Crystal Clear ... Indefinitely abstract   Christopher Mauger
Oct 3 2012
Wesley Ketchum Higgs searches at Fermilab     Richard Van de Water
Oct 8 2012 NO SEMINAR HOLIDAY      
Oct 22 2012 Zarko Pavlovic, P-25 Probing physics behind the short baseline neutrino anomaly with MicroBooNE experiment abstract   Bill Louis
Oct 26 2012
11:00 AM
Marco Pallavicini, University of Genoa Borexino     Elena Guardincerri
Nov 5 2012 Aaron Couture, LANSCE-NS R-process and FRIB     Elena Guardincerri
Nov 12 2012 NO SEMINAR HOLIDAY      
Nov 19 2012 Alexis Schubert, University of Washington Searching for neutrinoless double beta decay in the presence of backgrounds     talk Steve Elliott
Nov 26 2012 Rajan Gupta, T-2 The Equation of State, Tc, and charge fluctuations in finite temperature QCD abstract   Christopher Mauger
Dec 17 2012 Takeyasu Ito, P-25 nEDM abstract   Takeyasu Ito

Date/Time Speaker Title Links Host
Jan 24 2011
Leah Broussard High precision measurement of the 19Ne lifetime     Scott Wilburn
Feb 14 2011
Douglas Spolyar, Fermilab Dark Stars: the Dark Phase of the First Stars in the Universe abstract   Christopher Mauger
Feb 22 2011
Brad Plaster, U Kentucky Precision Tests of Fundamental Symmetries with Neutrons D-105 abstract   Bill Louis
Feb 28 2011
Shunsaku Horiuchi, CCAPP-Ohio State Univesity The detectable Supernova neutrino abstract   Christopher Mauger
Feb 28 2011
Qiang Ye, Duke University TA-3, Bldg. 4200, Suite 301, Rm 32     Bill Louis
Mar 1 2011
Clark Griffith, P-25       Bill Louis
Mar 2 2011 Pinghan Chu, University of Illinois Neutron EDM and Dressed Spin abstract   Takeyasu Ito
Mar 11 2011
Steven Clayton, P-25       Bill Louis
  Mar 14 2011
Mitzi Boswell, P-23 The importance of inelastic neutron scattering backgrounds in neutrinoless double-beta decay abstract   Christopher Mauger
  Apr 4 2011
11 am
Zhongbo Kang / BNL TBA     Xiaodong Jiang
  Apr 18 2011 Gabriele Carcassi TBD     Hubert van Hecke
  May 9 2011
Blair Jamieson, UBC First Neutrino Oscillation Results from the T2K Experiment abstract   Christopher Mauger
  May 17 2011
Aleksandr Starostin, UCLA The Fourth Reincarnation of the Crystal Ball and Eta Physics abstract   Dale Tupa
  May 18 2011
Jeff Wang, P-25 An expert system for proton radiography abstract   Dale Tupa
  May 19 2011
1:00 pm
Eric Mannel, Columbia University The Central Silicon Vertex Detector for PHENIX abstract   Dale Tupa
  May 23 2011
1:00 pm
Jenny Thomas, University College London MINOS+: running MINOS in the NOVA era abstract   Geoff Mills
  May 23 2011
Matt Walker, MIT Dijet Production in Polarized Proton-Proton Collisions at \sqrt{s} = 200 GeV abstract   Ming Liu
  May 24 2011
Eric Church, P-25 The US Liquid Argon Detector Physics Program abstract   Dale Tupa
  Jun 6 2011
Lindley Winslow, MIT It's Almost Chooz Time: The DRAGON Reactor Simulation and the Double Chooz Experiment abstract   Christopher Mauger
  Jun 20 2011
Mary Bishai, BNL MINOS     Christopher Mauger
  Jul 11 2011
Adam Holley, NCSU Ultracold Neutron Polarimetry in Beta Decay Angular Correlation Measurements abstract   Andy Saunders
  Jul 25 2011
Gerry Garvey, P-25 Problems in Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering (0.3 < Enu < 3.0 GeV) abstract   talk Christopher Mauger
  Jul 30 2011 Michael Rabin Micro Calorimetry     Gerd Kunde
  Aug 1 2011
Leonard Kisslinger, Carnegie-Mellon University Time Reversal and CP Violations for Neutrino Oscillations in Matter abstract   Christopher Mauger
  Aug 15 2011
Leonard Kisslinger, Carnegie-Mellon University Heavy quark state production via proton-proton collisions     Ming Liu
  Aug 22 2011 Kent Leung, Institut Laue-Langevin, France TBA     Takeyasu Ito
  Aug 29 2011 Daniel Kaplan, IIT New Experiments with Antiprotons abstract   Pat McGaughey
  Sep 19 2011 Christine Aidala, P-25 The PHENIX Decadal Plan: Crafting the Future of the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider abstract   Ming Liu
  Sep 26 2011 Peter Bosted, Jefferson Laboratory New results of polarized target experiments from Jefferson Lab Hall B abstract   Xiaodong Jiang
  Sep 27 2011 Steve Leman (MIT) Searching for the Universe, from an Iron Mine abstract   Steve Elliott
  Oct 3 2011 Aihong Tang, BNL Anti-helium from heavy ion collisions abstract   Ming Liu
  Oct 4 2011 Zarko Pavlovic (P-25) Short Baseline Neutrino Oscillations abstract   Bill Louis
  Oct 6 2011 Marisa Pedretti (LLNL, Gran Sasso) Search for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay: the CUORE Experiment abstract   Steve Elliott
  Oct 11 2011 Vince Guiseppe (USD) Investigation of Backgrounds to RareEvent Searches Deep Undergroud abstract   Steve Elliott
  Oct 14 2011
Lisa Kaufman Observation of Two-Neutrino Double Beta Decay in 136Xe with EXO-200 abstract   Steve Elliott
  Oct 17 2011 Anna Hayes, T-2 Determining the reactor antineutrino flux and spectra     Bill Louis
  Oct 24 2011 Andrew Puckett, P-25 JLab 12 GeV Transversity Experiment abstract   Xiaodong Jiang
  Oct 28 2011
Jen-Chieh Peng, UIUC Neutrinos     Ming Liu
  Oct 31 2011 Jen-Chieh Peng, UIUC Drell-Yan Physics abstract   Ming Liu
  Nov 7 2011 Steve Elliott, P-23 Pauli Exclusion Principle abstract   Christopher Mauger
  Nov 21 2011 Cosmin Ilie Supermassive Dark Stars and their detectability abstract   Konstantin Borozdin
  Dec 12 2011 Fuqiang Wang Recent Heavy Ion Results from RHIC STAR Experiment abstract   Xiaodong Jiang

Date/Time Speaker Title Links Host
  Jan 20 2010 Andrew Puckett P-25 Semi Inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering and the Structure of the Nucleon     X. Jiang
  Feb 1 2010 Xin Qian, Duke University Transverse spin of the nucleon and semi-inclusive deep-inelastic spin-asymmetry measurements at Jefferson Lab     X. Jiang
  Feb 8 2010
Georgia Karagiorgi, MIT MiniBooNE Oscillation Results and the Sterile Neutrino Mystery abstract   Bill Louis
  Feb 22 2010
11:00 AM
Colin Anderson MiniBooNE pi0 measurements     Richard Van de Water
  Mar 1 2010
Jian-Ping Chen, JLab Polarized targets in nucleon spin experiments     Xiaodong Jiang
  Mar 8 2010
Gerry Garvey, P-25 Strongly correlated nucleons     Christopher Mauger
  Mar 15 2010
11:00 AM
Mary Anne Cummings, Fermilab New Paths Toward a Muon Collider abstract   Andrew Green
  Mar 16 2010 Zach Kohley, Texas A&M Transverse Collective Flow of Light Charged Particles and Intermediate Mass Fragments in the Fermi Energy Regime abstract   Melynda Brooks
  Mar 22 2010
11:00 AM
Guillaume Pignol, TU Munchen nEDM abstract   Martin Cooper
  Apr 5 2010
Wally Melnitchouk, Jefferson Lab Parton distribution functions through DIS and semi-inclusive DIS     X. Jiang
  Apr 12 2010
Yvonne Edmonds, Stanford The Fermi LAT Search for Photon Lines and Dark Matter Implications abstract   Christopher Mauger
  Apr 19 2010
Takeyasu Ito, P-25 Liquid helium scintillation      
  Apr 21 2010 John Schaub, New Mexico State University Strange Happenings: Global Analysis of the Strange Vector and Axial Form Factors of the Nucleon and Their Uncertainties     Martin Cooper
  Apr 26 2010
Dick Mischke, TRIUMF       Martin Cooper
  Apr 28 2010 Todd Kempel, ISU       Michael Leitch
  May 3 2010
Dennis Sivers The quark Sivers distribution     Xiaodong Jiang
  May 4 2010
Kevin Yarritu Measurements of B -> V gamma decays from Babar abstract   Takeyasu Ito
  May 5 2010 Cesar da Silva Quarkonia production in p+p and heavy ion collisions: Current measurements and perspectives in the PHENIX detector     Mike Leitch
  May 17 2010
11 am
Tom Trainor Modified parton fragmentation and the interpretation of RHIC collisions     G.J.Kunde
  May 24 2010
Sky Sjue, TRIUMF Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics at TRIUMF abstract   Andy Saunders
  Jun 21 2010
Nadia Fomin, University of Tennessee The NPDGamma experiment at the SNS - Probing the hadronic weak interaction through a measurement of parity violation in polarized cold neutron capture abstract   W. Scott Wilburn
  Jun 28 2010
Zarko Pavlovic, P-25 New MiniBooNE Anti-neutrino Oscillation Results     Richard Van de Water
  Jun 30 2010 Alden Stradling Projections of Beam Backgrounds and Minimum-Bias Events in ATLAS abstract   Takeyasu Ito
  Jul 12 2010
Ernest Henley Status of Time Reversal Invariance     Mikkel Johnson
  Jul 19 2010
Alex Friedland Oscillations of supernova neutrinos: what they are and what they are good for     Christopher Mauger
  Aug 2 2010
Leonard Kisslinger, Carnegie Mellon University HYBRID HADRONS AND BES/CLEO/JLAB/RHIC EXPERIMENTS abstract    
  Aug 16 2010
Andrew Puckett, P-25 New Measurements of The Proton Electric Form Factor at High Momentum Transfer     Xiaodong Jiang
  Aug 30 2010
Jin Huang        
  Sep 9 2010
Jeremy Werner Measurement of the Inclusive Z-->ee Production Cross-Section and Z-->ee as a Standard Candle at the LHC abstract   Chris Morris, Steve Greene
  Sep 13 2010
11 am
Ivan Vitev Jets at the LHC     G.J.Kunde
  Sep 27 2010
Mary Kidd, P-23 Double-Beta Decay of $^{150}$Nd to Excited Final States     Christopher Mauger
  Oct 25 2010
Beau Meredith, U. Ill. Searching for Gluon Saturation in d+Au Collisions at PHENIX abstract   talk Mike Leitch
  Oct 28 2010
Anatoly Serebrov Neutron lifetime Aviary Conference room, RM304, Building 6 (Orange Box)     Takeyasu Ito
  Nov 22 2010
11 am
Kwangbok Lee, Korea U. Quarkonia production in d-Au collisions at RHIC     Mike Leitch
  Nov 29 2010
Keh-Fei Liu University of Kentucky Recent Lattice QCD calculations of nucleon spin and structure functions     Xiaodong Jiang
  Dec 6 2010
Joe Seele, MIT       Ming Liu
  Dec 13 2010
11 am
Muhammad Elnimr Post-doc Seminar     Melynda Brooks

Date/Time Speaker Title Links Host
  Jan 14 2009 Luis Orozco, University of Maryland What we know about Francium abstract   Christopher Mauger
  Jan 20 2009
Pelin Kurt Jet Algorithms for CMS     Gerd J. kunde
  Jan 21 2009 CANCELLED (Bill Marciano, BNL) CANCELLED (Electromagnetic Dipole Moments and New Physics) abstract   Christopher Mauger
  Jan 28 2009 Mark Vagins, IPMU, U of Tokyo and UCI GADZOOKS! Neutron Detection at the Kiloton Scale... and Beyond abstract   Christopher Mauger
  Jan 29 2009
2:00 PM
Christine Aidala, P-25 Frontiers in Nucleon Structure abstract   Melynda Brooks
  Feb 4 2009 Doug Fields Finding the Spin of the Proton     Gerd J. Kunde
  Feb 9 2009
2 PM
Kirk Flippo Laser Driven Acceleration     Konstantin Borozdin
  Feb 11 2009 Mike Leitch, P-25 Open Heavy     Gerd J. Kunde
  Feb 18 2009 Roy Lacey Reaction Dynamics at RHIC     Gerd J. kunde
  Feb 19 2009 Jian-Ping Chen Jefferson Lab Hall A experiments abstract   talk Xiaodong Jiang
  Feb 25 2009 David Saltzberg, UCLA The ANITA experiment: A Million Cubic Kilometer Search for High Energy Neutrinos in Antarctica abstract   Christopher Mauger
  Mar 4 2009 Gerry Garvey, P-25 MiniBooNE and Axial Anomalies etc. abstract   Christopher Mauger
  Mar 11 2009 James Jenkins, T-2 Minimal neutrinoless double decay rates from anarchy to flavor symmetries abstract   Christopher Mauger
  Mar 18 2009 Steve Barwick, UCI Searching for Sources of Extremely Energetic Neutrinos abstract   talk Christopher Mauger
  Apr 1 2009 W. Clark Griffith, NIST New limit on the permanent electric dipole moment of atomic Hg abstract   Christopher Mauger
  Apr 8 2009
John Jones The Convergence of Technology in High Energy Physics     Gerd J. kunde
  Apr 15 2009 Petr Vogel, Caltech Double beta decay theory, in particular an ``anatomy abstract   talk Christopher Mauger
  Apr 21 2009
Zarko Pavlovic, P-25 First Measurement of Neutrino Events in an Off-Axis Horn-Focused Neutrino Beam abstract   Christopher Mauger
  Apr 22 2009 Steve Elliott, P-23 Double Beta-Decay Experiment     Christopher Mauger
  Apr 27 2009
Nikos Varelas CMS physics     Gerd J. Kunde
  Apr 29 2009 Latifa Jefferson Lab Hall B Experiment     Xiaodong Jiang
  May 5 2009 Cesar da Silva TBD abstract   talk Mike Leitch
  May 5 2009 Cesar da Silva Quarkonia production in p+p and heavy ion collisions: Current measurements and perspectives in the PHENIX detector abstract    
  May 6 2009 Alan H. Wuosmaa HELIOS - A Novel New Spectrometer for Reactions in Inverse Kinematics     Gerd J. Kunde
  May 13 2009 Paul Karchin, Wayne State University Charm Physics at CDF     Gerd J. Kunde
  May 20 2009 Anne Sickles, BNL Heavy Flavor Tagged Jet Correlations at RHIC     Gerd J. Kunde
  May 27 2009 Xiaodong Jiang, P-25 Target Single Spin Asymmetry in Inclusive Electron Scattering at JLAB     Xiaodong Jiang
  Jun 3 2009 Kara Hoffman, University of Maryland ICE Cube     Brena Dingus
  Jun 10 2009 Helmut Satz Quarkonia in Heavy Ion Collisions     G.J.Kunde/M. Leitch
  Jun 12 2009 Octavian Micu, TU Dortmund Neutrino Oscillation Resonances abstract   Bill Louis
  Jun 17 2009 Paul Souder, Syracuse University Parity Violation Experiments in Electron Scattering and Standard Model Tests     Xiaodong Jiang
  Jun 22 2009
11:00 AM
Hajime Muramatsu, University of Rochester Search for eta_b abstract   Takeyasu Ito
  Jun 24 2009 Alex Olivas, University of Maryland Searching for Physics Beyond the Standard Model with IceCube abstract   John Pretz
  Jun 29 2009
11:00 AM
Aidan Kelleher, College of William and Mary A Precision Measurement of the Neutron Electric Form Factor in Hall A at Jefferson Lab abstract   Takeyasu Ito
  Jul 1 2009 Grigory Eremeev Niobium superconducting radiofrequency (SRF) cavities, performance and limitation     Konstantin Borozdin
  Jul 15 2009 Scott Pratt Solving the RHIC HBT puzzle     Gerd J. Kunde
  Jul 22 2009 Ernest Henley, University of Washington Status of Time Reversal Violation abstract   Mikkel Johnson
  Jul 24 2009
Trevor Stevens, West Virginia Wesleyan College Electroweak Seeding of Cosmic Magnetic Fields abstract   Mikkel Johnson
  Jul 29 2009 Chang Kee Jung, Stony Brook Status of T2K Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiment abstract   Christopher Mauger
  Aug 5 2009 Luca Doria, TRIUMF The PiENu experiment at TRIUMPH abstract   Christopher Mauger
  Aug 12 2009 Sebastian Kuhn, Old Dominion University TBA     Xiaodong Jiang
  Aug 13 2009 Leonard Kisslinger, Carnegie Mellon University Gravitational Waves     Gerd J. Kunde
  Aug 19 2009 Dr. Eugene Chudakov, Jefferson Lab The Glue-X experiment at Jefferson Lab-12 GeV     Xiaodong Jiang
  Sep 16 2009 Camelia Mironov Z0 and Jets at the LCH     G.J.Kunde
  Sep 23 2009 Roy Lacey Reaction Dynamics at RHIC     Gerd J. Kunde
  Sep 24 2009
Andreas Knecht, Paul Scherrer Institut and University of Zürich Towards a New Measurement of the Neutron Electric Dipole Moment     Takeyasu Ito
  Sep 28 2009
Justin Torgerson, P-23 Alpha-Dot     Christopher Mauger
  Oct 7 2009 Daniela Bortoletto/ Purdue The Higgs     Gerd J. Kunde
  Oct 14 2009 Michael Graesser Higgsinoless Supersymmetry for Experimentalists     Gerd J. Kunde
  Oct 21 2009 Nu Xu, LBNL Star Physics Program at RHIC     Ming Liu
  Oct 26 2009 Christine Aidala The Electron Ion Collider     Ming Liu
  Oct 28 2009 Mei Bai The RHIC-SPIN program     Ming Liu
  Nov 2 2009
Bob Bradford, Rochester Minerva     Christopher Mauger
  Nov 9 2009
Warren Huelsnitz, University of Maryland Search for Quantum Gravity with IceCube and High Energy Atmospheric Neutrinos abstract   William Louis
  Nov 18 2009 Hovannes Grigoryan Holographic QCD     Terry Goldman
  Nov 23 2009
Stan Seibert, P-23 The Low Energy Threshold Analysis of the Phase I and Phase II Data Sets of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory abstract   Christopher Mauger
  Dec 2 2009 Tim Classen, UC Davis Double CHOOZ     Christopher Mauger
  Dec 7 2009
Mu-Chun Chen, UC Irvine Masses and Mixing Angles of Quarks and Leptons and a Novel Origin of CP Violation abstract   Christopher Mauger
  Dec 7 2009
2:30 PM
Sergey Butsyk, UNM Forward Vertex (FVTX) detector for PHENIX experiment     Frank Merrill

Date/Time Speaker Title Links Host
  Jan 8 2008 Prof. Charles Hyde DVCS with the JLAB 12 GeV Upgrade     Andi Klein
  Jan 9 2008 James Karamath, University of Sussex CryoEDM experiment     Takeyasu Ito
  Jan 16 2008 Mark Makela Fundamental Physics with Ultracold Neutrons at LANL, Past, Present and Future abstract   Takeyasu Ito
  Jan 23 2008 Christopher Mauger, Caltech The latest results and future direction of KamLAND abstract   Takeyasu Ito
  Jan 30 2008 Astrid Morreale, UC Riverside Latest Results from RHIC-SPIN     Ming Liu
  Feb 13 2008 Gus Sinnis Very-High-Energy Gamma-Ray Astrophysics: A View into the Extreme Universe abstract   Takeyasu Ito
  Feb 20 2008 Michael L Graesser Correlations in Supersymmetric Cascade Decays     Gerd J. Kunde
  Feb 28 2008
1:45pm Cactus Conf. room
Michael Gericke The Connection between Low Energy Tests of the Standard Model with Electrons and Neutrons abstract   Takeyasu Ito
  Mar 5 2008 Leonard S Kisslinger The J/psi Octett Model     Gerd J. Kunde
  Mar 12 2008 Robert Cooper, University of Michigan The Radiative Decay Mode of the Free Neutron abstract   Takeyasu Ito
  Mar 19 2008 R. Bryon Neufeld / Duke University Sonic Mach Cones Induced by Fast Partons in a pQCD     Gerd J. Kunde
  Mar 26 2008 Raul Hennings-Yeomans, Case Western Reserve University A Search for WIMP Nuclear Recoils Underground:First Five-Tower Data from CDMS abstract   Takeyasu Ito
  Apr 23 2008 Richard Cavanaugh SUSY Test at the LHC     Gerd J. Kunde
  Apr 30 2008 Takeyasu Ito Possibility of a new muon-electron conversion experiment at LANSCE     Takeyasu Ito
  May 7 2008 Steven Clayton, University of Illinois Precision measurements of G_F and g_P with muons abstract   talk Takeyasu Ito
  May 15 2008
Yoshitaka Kuno, Osaka University TBA     Takeyasu Ito
  May 21 2008 Ivan Vitev Partonic Energy Loss     Gerd J. Kunde
  Jun 18 2008 Lee Roberts, Boston University Muon (g-2): Present Status and Future Possibilities abstract   talk Takeyasu Ito
  Jun 19 2008 Haiyang Yan, Indiana University Applications of Polarized 3He Filters in Neutron Scattering abstract   Takeyasu ito
  Aug 1 2008 Richard Van de Water New Neutrino Oscillation Results from MiniBooNE abstract    
  Aug 6 2008 Robert Pattie, North Carolina State University TBA     Takeyasu ito
  Aug 13 2008 Leonard S Kisslinger Charmonium,Bottomonium,Hybrids and Sigmas at RHIC      
  Sep 3 2008 Peter Jacobs LBL Jets in Heavy Ion Collisions abstract   Gerd J. Kunde
  Sep 10 2008 Brenda Dingus, P-23 Surveying the TeV Gamma-Ray Sky with Milagro and HAWC abstract   Christopher Mauger
  Sep 17 2008 Konstantin Borozdin Radiography with Hard and Soft Cosmic Rays: Physics and Applications abstract   Scott Wilburn
  Sep 24 2008 Xiaodong Jiang An upcoming transverse spin experiment at Jefferson Lab     Christopher Mauger
  Sep 3 2008 Peter Jacobs LBL Jets in Heavy Ion Collisions abstract   Gerd J. Kunde
  Sep 10 2008 Brenda Dingus, P-23 Surveying the TeV Gamma-Ray Sky with Milagro and HAWC abstract   Christopher Mauger
  Sep 17 2008 Konstantin Borozdin Radiography with Hard and Soft Cosmic Rays: Physics and Applications abstract   Scott Wilburn
  Sep 24 2008 Xiaodong Jiang, P-25 An upcoming transverse spin experiment at Jefferson Lab abstract   talk Christopher Mauger
  Oct 1 2008 Paul Vetter, LBL Cubic centimeter detector neutrino science? Search for neutrino oscillations in electron capture decay abstract   Christopher Mauger
  Oct 15 2008 Ben-Wei Zheng Jet cross sections and jet shapes: from hadrons to nuclei abstract   Gerd J. Kunde
  Oct 22 2008 DNP WEEK NO TALK      
  Oct 29 2008 Dinesh Loomba, UNM The DRIFT Dark Matter Search abstract   Christopher Mauger
  Nov 5 2008 Brad Plaster, University of Kentucky First results from the UCNA experiment abstract   talk Christopher Mauger
  Nov 12 2008 Wesley Smith, University of Wisconsin Triggering the CMS Experiment at the LHC     Gerd J. Kunde
  Nov 20 2008
1:15 PM
Yoshitaka Itow, Nagoya University Status of the LHCf experiment abstract   talk Christopher Mauger
  Nov 24 2008
Bob Svoboda, UC Davis and LLNL Neutrinos from Chicago to the Black Hills abstract   talk Christopher Mauger
  Nov 26 2008 Peter Geltenbort, ILL News from the ultra cold and very cold neutron installations PF2 at ILL abstract   Christopher Mauger
  Dec 3 2008 Chris Morris, P-25 Proton Interrogation abstract   Christopher Mauger
  Dec 4 2008
Michael Murillo, P-21 X-ray Thomson Scattering in Dense, Strongly coupled Plasmas abstract   Christopher Mauger
  Dec 10 2008 Sam Zeller, P-25 Neutrino Cross Sections at 1 GeV abstract   Christopher Mauger
  Dec 17 2008 Bill Louis, P-25 MiniBooNE anti-neutrino results     Richard Van De Water

Date/Time Speaker Title Links Host
  Jan 3 2007 TBA (Phenix TSM candidate) TBA     Ming Liu
  Jan 10 2007 Stephen Klinksiek Finding the Charm in 800 GeV/c p-Cu and p-Be Single Muon Spectra     Takeyasu Ito
Jan 17 2007 Jeff Nico, NIST Radiative Decay of the Free Neutron abstract   Takeyasu Ito
  Jan 24 2007 Phenix TSM candidate Interview Seminar     Ming Liu
  Jan 31 2007 Phenix TSM candidate Interview Seminar     Ming Liu
  Feb 7 2007 Phenix TSM candidate Interview Seminar     Ming Liu
  Feb 8 2007 Robert Stone / Rutgers Diamond Luminosity Detector for CMS abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Feb 14 2007 Phenix TSM candidate Interview Seminar     Ming Liu
  Feb 21 2007 Vipuli Dharmawardane, Jefferson Lab Measurement of Spin Structure Functions with CLAS at Jefferson Lab abstract   Takeyasu Ito
  Feb 22 2007
2 PM
Ray Yarema New Silicon Detector Technologies 3D and SOI abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Feb 28 2007 Cheng-Pang Liu, T-16 LANL Schiff Theorem and the Interpretation of Atomic EDM Measurements abstract   Takeyasu Ito
  Mar 1 2007
2 PM
Howard Wieman Active Pixel Detectors abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Mar 14 2007 Brad Plaster, Caltech Probing Standard Model Symmetries with Ultracold Neutrons abstract   Takeyasu Ito
  Mar 15 2007 Pawel Daniel Danielewicz Analysis of Emmission Shapes abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Mar 21 2007 TMS Candidate tba abstract   talk Ming Liu
  Mar 28 2007 Jeff Guest, Argonne National Laboratory Laser-trapped radium atoms for an EDM search abstract   Takeyasu Ito
  Apr 11 2007
Mei Bai Polarized Beams at RHIC abstract   talk Ming Liu
  Apr 11 2007 Geoffrey Mills, P-25 First Neutrino Oscillation Results from the MiniBooNE Experiment Rosen Auditorium abstract   Takeyasu Ito
  Apr 18 2007 Peter Fierlinger, Stanford EXO - The Enriched Xenon Observatory abstract   Takeyasu Ito
  Apr 19 2007 Itaru Nakagawa, RIKEN/RBRC Measurement of 100 GeV Proton Beam Polarization By Elastic Carbon Scattering abstract   Ming Liu
  Apr 25 2007 Andi Klein, P-23 Fission Fragment Induced Sputtering of Atoms from a Pu Target abstract   Takeyasu Ito
  May 2 2007 Pieter Mumm, University of Maryland Measuring the Neutron Lifetime Using Magnetically Trapped Ultracold Neutrons abstract   Takeyasu Ito
  May 9 2007 Igor Gorelov First Observation of Bottom Baryon Sigma_b States at CDF abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  May 10 2007
Chen-Yu Liu Neutron Physics in a Contemporary Perspective abstract   Takeyasu Ito
  May 10 2007 G. Torrieri Statistical Hadronisation abstract   talk Ivan Vitev
  May 14 2007 Weijun Yao, MIT Solar Neutrino Detection in Superfluid Helium abstract   Takeyasu Ito
  May 23 2007 Kiwhan Chung, N-1 Design and Optimization of Li-6 Neutron-Capture, Pulse Mode Ion Chamber abstract   Chris Morris
  May 24 2007
Matthew Swallows, University of Washington Progress Towards a New Measurement of the Electric Dipole Moment of 199-Hg abstract   Takeyasu Ito
  Jun 6 2007 Carlos M. Camacho Generalized Parton Distribution Functions     talk G.J.Kunde
  Jun 13 2007 Paul Rodriguez Minimization of Total Variation Functionals     Larry Schulz
  Jun 20 2007
Smarajit Triambak, Univ. of Notre Dame Isospin symmetry breaking and the standard model: the quest for new physics abstract   Takeyasu Ito
  Jun 27 2007 Hubert Van Hecke Physics Simulations for the FVTX     Melynda Brooks
  Jul 17 2007
2 pm
Leonard Kisslinger, Carnegie Mellon University Heavy Quark States and Nonperturbative Glue abstract   talk Mikkel Johnson
  Jul 18 2007 Christopher Mauger, Caltech Measuring theta_13 with the Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment abstract   Takeyasu Ito
  Jul 25 2007 Simon Wicks Perturbative jet energy loss mechanisms: Learning from RHIC, abstract   talk Ivan Vitev
  Aug 1 2007 Ivan Vitev Heavy Quarks at LHC and Other Predictions abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Aug 22 2007 William Horowitz Identified Charm and Bottom Jets to Test pQCD vs. AdS/CFT Energy Loss     Ivan Vitev
  Oct 3 2007 Yunchang Shin, Indiana University Cold and Ultra-cold Neutron Source Studies abstract   Takeyasu Ito
  Oct 17 2007 Kieran Boyle Post Doc Candidate abstract   talk Ming Liu
  Oct 24 2007 Mike Tannenbaum A Critical Review of Jet Physics abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Oct 25 2007 Bolek Wyslouch MIT/Heavy Ion CMS Heavy Ion Physics in CMS abstract   talk G.J.Kunde
  Nov 7 2007 Tom Trainor Hydrodynamics in RHIC collisions: abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Nov 14 2007 Ameya Kolarkar, University of Kentucky Precision measurements of the neutron electric form factor, GEn, at high momentum transfers abstract   Takeyasu Ito
  Nov 28 2007 Robert Harris Jet Discovery Physics at the LHC abstract   talk G.J.Kunde
  Dec 5 2007 Chris Morris for the pRad team Proton Radiography-a new diagnostic for studying shock driven phenomena abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Dec 12 2007 Michael Dragowsky, Case Western Reserve University WIMP Dark Matter and the Cryrogenic Dark Matter Search abstract   Martin Cooper
  Dec 19 2007 Anwar Ahmad Bhatti / The Rockefeller University CDF Jet Results     Gerd J. Kunde
  Dec 19 2007
Geoffrey Mills The Latest MiniBooNE Results     Takeyasu Ito

Date/Time Speaker Title Links Host
  Jan 18 2006 Stan Brodsky Antishadowing in Neutrino-Nucleus Reactions abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Jan 25 2006 Doug Beck (University of Illinois) G0 at JLAB: Measurement of the Flavor Singlet Form Factors of the Proton abstract   talk Takeyasu Ito
  Feb 1 2006 Constantin Loizides Leading-particle suppression and surface emission in nucleus-nucleus collisions abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Feb 8 2006 Ed Kinney Hadronization in the Nuclear Environment abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Feb 22 2006 Sebastian White Ultra Peripheral Collisions at the LHC abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Mar 8 2006 Bira van Kolck, University of Arizona Hadronic Time-Reversal Violation abstract   talk Takeyasu Ito
  Apr 12 2006 Maurice Garcia-Sciveres The ATLAS Silicon Experience abstract   talk Gary Grimm
  Apr 19 2006 Charles Gale McGill Photon Tagging at LHC abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Apr 26 2006 Craig Dukes/ University of Virginia TBA abstract   talk Bill Louis
  May 3 2006 Sally Seidel UNM LHC and the Standard Model abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  May 17 2006 Dr. Joanna Kiryluk MIT Latest Spin Physics Results abstract   talk ming liu
  Jun 7 2006
3:30 pm
Juergen Schukraft ALICE - The Heavy Ion Experiment at LHC abstract   talk g.j.kunde
  Jun 20 2006
10:30 am
Michael Binger The form factors of the gauge-invariant three-gluon vertex abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Jun 21 2006 Carlos Lourenco The NA60 Experiment abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Jun 27 2006 Linda Coney Recent results from the HARP hadro-production experiment abstract   talk Geoffrey Mills
  Jun 28 2006 Richard Cavanaugh TBA abstract   talk Gerd Kunde
  Jul 19 2006 Tom LeCompte CDF Results abstract   talk g.j.kunde
  Jul 26 2006 Ramona Vogt Heavy Quark News abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Aug 16 2006 Leonard S Kisslinger Study of asymetric neutrino emission during the creation of a neutron star abstract   Mikkel Johnson
  Aug 23 2006 Azfar Adil Jet Tomographic Tests of the CGC Initial State at RHIC and LHC and the Implications for Perfect Fluidity of the sQGP abstract   talk Ivan Vitev
  Aug 31 2006 Klaus Jungman Trapped Radioactive Isotopes as Microlaboratories for Fundamental Physics abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Sep 6 2006 Gary Prezeau The Planck Mission and the Cosmic Microwave Background abstract   Takeyasu Ito
  Sep 14 2006
Jinyi Qi, UC Davis Methods for Statistical Image Reconstruction for Positron Emission abstract   Larry Shultz
  Sep 27 2006 George Seidel Brown University Superfluid Helium as a Particle Detector abstract   Martin Cooper
  Oct 4 2006 Camelia Mironov MNR Calculations for CHARM and Beauty at LHC abstract   Gerd J. Kunde
  Oct 11 2006 Ivan Furic / University of Chicago TBA     Bill Louis
  Oct 19 2006 Shigeyuki Tajima, University of Virginia Spin Structure in the Resonance Region abstract   Takeyasu Ito
  Oct 23 2006 A. Denker, Ionenstrahllabor, Hahn-Meitner-Institut Non-destructive elemental analysis on paintings and metal artefacts abstract   talk Susan Seestrom
  Nov 1 2006 No Seminar because of the Grand Challenge Meetings     Gerd J. Kunde
  Nov 8 2006 Boris Kopeliovich Odd features of diffractive production of Drell-Yan and heavy quark pairs abstract   talk Mikkel Johnson
  Nov 15 2006 Vincenzo Cirigliano, T-16 Minimal Lepton Flavor Violation LEDA Conference room abstract   Takeyasu Ito
  Nov 29 2006 James Ely, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Radiation Detection for Homeland Security Applications abstract   Chris Morris
  Dec 6 2006 Itzhak Tserruya The Hadron Blind Detector in PHENIX abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde

Date/Time Speaker Title Links Host
Jan 19 2005 Richard Van de Water Measuring Active-Sterile Neutrino Oscillations with a Stopped Pion Beam abstract   talk R.G. Van de Water
  Jan 26 2005 Heather Ray, P-25 Measuring Extra Dimensions via Orthopositronium abstract   talk R.G. Van de Water
  Feb 2 2005 Xin Dong Charm in STAR abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Feb 8 2005 Shengli Huang Azimuthal Dependence of pt fluctuation from STAR at RHIC abstract   Gerd J. Kunde
  Feb 16 2005 Gerry Miller Quantum Opacity, the RHIC HBT Puzzle, and the CHiral Phase Transition abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Feb 23 2005 Ivan Vitev Large Angle Hadron Correlations from Medium-Induced Gluon Radiation abstract   Gerd J. Kunde
  Mar 2 2005 Marv Herndon Scientific Basis of Deep-Earth Knowledge abstract   Gerd J. Kunde
  Mar 16 2005 Uli Heinz The Quark-Gluon Plasma abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Mar 29 2005 ShinIchi Esumi Reaction Plane and Flow with the BBC abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Apr 6 2005 Rene Bellwied Hadronization and chirality in strongly interacting partonic matter abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Apr 11 2005
2 PM
Mark Strikman Small x Physics: From HERA to LHC and beyond abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Apr 13 2005 Pavel Nevski The ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Apr 26 2005 Craig Dukes TBA abstract   talk Bill Louis
  Apr 27 2005 Martin Cooper (Group Leader of P-25) A Matter of Time Reversal: A New Search for the Neutron Electric Dipole Moment abstract   talk g.j.kunde
  Apr 29 2005
10:30 am
Takeyasu Ito Interview Talk abstract   talk M.Cooper
  May 4 2005 Huan Huang Penta Quarks in STAR abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  May 16 2005
11 am
Pil-Neyo Seo, North Carolina State University Measuring the Neutron Lifetime with Magnetically Trapped Neutrons abstract   talk Scott Wilburn
  May 18 2005 Rudy Hwa Parton Recombination at All Transverse Momenta abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  May 26 2005
3:45 PM
Russell Betts P/T Colloquium: The Large Hadron Collider at CERN abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Jun 2 2005
Berndt Mueller P/T ColloquiumThe QGP at RHIC abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Jun 8 2005 Denes Molnar Transport Properties of Strongly Interacting Quark Gluon Matter abstract   talk g.j.kunde
  Jul 13 2005 Alan H. Wuosmaa Classic Nuclear Physics in a New Era abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Aug 31 2005 J.Morfin MINERvA: A High Statistics, Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering Experiment in the abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Sep 7 2005 Fred Olness Neutrino DIS and strange quark PDF asymmetry abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Sep 14 2005 Edward P. Hartouni The Penta Quark Signal abstract   talk g.j.kunde
  Sep 15 2005 Camelia Mironov Identified hadrons measurements and their role at RHIC abstract   talk g.j.kunde
  Sep 21 2005 Peter Fierlinger Diamond-like Carbon for Ultra-cold Neutrons abstract   talk Martin Cooper
  Sep 26 2005 Dr. G. Cardoso The Fermilab Pixel Chip Infrastructure abstract   talk g.j.kunde
  Sep 26 2005 Christine A. Aidala Studying the Transverse Spin Structure of the Proton at PHENIX abstract   talk  
  Sep 28 2005 Dr. Lorenzo Uplegger BTev Test Beam Results abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Oct 5 2005 Dan Melconian Beta Decay of Laser-Cooled K as Probe for New Physics abstract   talk Takeyasu Ito
  Oct 12 2005 Steve Elliott The Majorana Project and Double-beta Decay abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Oct 19 2005 Ming Liu Asymmetries in pp collisions at RHIC abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Nov 1 2005 Boris Kopeliovich Low-x Measurements abstract   talk Mikkel Johnson
  Nov 2 2005 Mark Pitt, Virginia Tech The Qweak Experiment: A Search for New Physics at the TeV Scale abstract   talk Takeyasu Ito
  Nov 8 2005 Marvin Herndon What is Wrong with Plate Tectonics Theory abstract   talk Bill Louis
  Nov 9 2005 Helio Takai, BNL The p-A program at LHC abstract   talk Ming Liu
  Nov 10 2005
2 PM
MinJung Kweon J/Psi production in sqrt(sNN)=200GeV Au+Au collision abstract   talk Melynda Brooks
  Nov 16 2005 Carlos Munoz Camacho CEA-Saclay Unraveling nucleon structure through Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering abstract   talk Mike Leitch
  Nov 17 2005 Michael Ramsey-Musolf Baryogenesis and Electric Dipole Moments abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Nov 24 2005 Big Turkey Why I had to die .. abstract   talk  
  Dec 14 2005 Andrew Hime DEAP & CLEAN Detectors for Low-Energy particle Astrophysics abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde

Date/Time Speaker Title Links Host
  Nov 24 2004 Scott Willburn, P-25 Measurement of Neutron Decay Parameters     Gerd J. Kunde
  Nov 24 2004 Scott Willburn, P-25 Measurement of Neutron Decay Parameters     Gerd J. Kunde
  Dec 1 2004 Sergey Butsyk Open Charm measurements from Single Electrons in p+p Collisions at sqrt(s) = 200 GeV: abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde
  Dec 8 2004 Tony Wright Fast Timing with Slow Scintillators abstract   Richard Schirato
  Dec 15 2004 Bruce D. Smith, U.Texas, San Antonio Algorithms for Compton Image Reconstruction abstract   Gerd J. Kunde
  Dec 20 2004 Bob Svoboda, LSU Inside the Neutrino Matrix: The Search for Theta13 at Nuclear Reactors abstract   Bill Louis
  Dec 22 2004 Tom Trainor, U. of Seattle Short- and long-range Correlations in Heavy Ion Collisions abstract   talk Gerd J. Kunde

More from 2004:

DateSpeaker Title Links Host
Nov. 8 Prof. Paul Mantica, National Superconducting Laboratory, Michigan State University The Experimental Possibilities at RIA    G. J. Kunde
Oct. 20 Mark Boulay, P-23 CLEAN: A Detector for Dark Matter and Low-Energy Solar Neutrinos   R.G. Van de Water
Oct. 13. Peter Wittich  Measurement of the Top Production Cross Section using Dilepton Events    R.G. Van de Water
Oct. 6

Eric Dumonteil
University of Caen

ALICE dimuon spectrometer: tracking chambers, alignment and Upsilon'/Upsilon vs p_T   Mike Leitch
Oct. 5

Michael Osterlund
Uppsala University

Neutrons for Science and Industry - Uppsala neutron beam activities   Larry Schultz
Sept. 29

Byron Roe
University of Michigan

A new technique for separating the wheat from the chaff in data   R.G. Van de Water
Aug 25 Malcolm Ellis (Imperial College) Studying Neutrinos with MICE    R.G. Van de Water
Aug 25

Boris Kopeliovich, Max Planck, Heidelberg

Drell-Yan, J/Psi, and High pT Hadron Production at Large Rapidities   Mikkel Johnson
July 27

DongJo Kim,
Yonsei University

J/psi production in PHENIX/RHIC   Ming Liu
July 20 Louis Lyons,
Oxford University
Statistics for Nuclear & Particle Physicists: 1. Monte Carlo - 2. Topics of Particle Physics    R.G. Van de Water
July 19 Louis Lyons,
Oxford University
Statistics for Nuclear & Particle Physicists: 1. Goodness of Fit and Hypothesis Testing - 2. Bayes and Fequentism    R.G. Van de Water
July 16 Louis Lyons,
Oxford University
Statistics for Nuclear & Particle Physicists: 1. Learning to Love the Error Matrix - 2. Parameter Determinatin (Point Estimates & Ranges)    R.G. Van de Water
July 15

Louis Lyons,
Oxford University

Statistics for Nuclear & Particle Physicists - Introduction    R.G. Van de Water
July 14 Michel Gonin Charmonia and open charm in heavy-ion collisions   Mike Leitch
June 30 Chun Zang Measuring Nuclear Modification Effects in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions   Mike Leitch
June 23 C. Fuchs Flow at RHIC   Gerd Kunde
June 16 Sotiria Batsouli TBA   Mike Leitch
May 26 Jon Link, Columbia University Future Measurements of sin^2 2theta_13 at Nuclear Reactors   Richard Van de Water
May 19 Bolek Wyslouch, MIT  The physics of the CMS detector at the
CERN Large Hadron Collider
  Gerd Kunde
May 18 Mark Harvey, BNL Identified charged hadrons at midrapidity in p-p collisions at RHIC   Gerd Kunde
May 5  Steve Manley, Rochester  Flow at RHIC, an experimental perspective    P-25
Apr 21 Paul Constantin
Iowa State University
Jet Shapes at RHIC   Gerd Kunde
Apr 14

Anuj Purwar
SUNY StonyBrook

 Study of Initial State Effects in d+Au collisions at RHIC, using the PHENIX Muon Arms    Ming Liu
Apr 7 Erik Gottschalk The BTEV experiment   Gerd Kunde
Mar 31 Dr. Grazyna Odyniec
The Physics of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN and the US participation in the program   Gerd Kunde
Mar 17 Ivan Vitev 'Nuclear shadowing and higher twist   Mikkel Johnson
Mar 5

Benjamin T. Stokes
University of Utah

Developing Techniques to Search for Anisotropy in the Arrival Directions of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays   Gus Sinnis
Feb 18 Ming Liu
R. Van de Water
P25 LDRD-ER Idea-Fest
-----Discovery of New Physics at RHIC & LHC
-----Neutrino Physics at SNS
  Mikkel Johnson
Feb 11 Mikkel Johnson
Dale Tupa
P25 LDRD-ER Idea-Fest
-----Calculating Cosmogical Phase Transitions
-----Improvements for VISAR Measurements at PRAD
  Mikkel Johnson
Jan 28 Heather Ray, Univ. of Michigan Top Quark Production at the Tevatron   Richard Van de Water
Jan 21

Andrew Green,University of Indiana

MiniBooNE- --Booster Neutrino Experiment At Fermilab and Its Data Acquisition System   Richard Schirato
Jan 3. Alex Friedland, T-8 What can solar neutrino experiments tell us about neutrino interaction with matter?   P-25

P-25 homepage

  Past P-25 Seminars 2003 ---------
Date Speaker Title Host
Dec. 17 Dave Ernst (Vanderbilt University) Three-neutrino model analysis of the world's oscillation data Mikkel B. Johnson
Dec. 3 Larry Schultz Cosmic Ray Muon Radiography P-25
Nov. 26 R.G. Van de Water Update from MiniBooNE Richard Van de Water
Nov. 19 Pavel Nadolsky Lepton-level spin asymmetries in weak
boson production at RHIC
Mike Leitch
Nov. 5 Boris Kopeliovich Inside-outside hadronization in a medium Mikkel B. Johnson
Oct. 16 Chris Crawford, MIT Precision measurement of the proton electric to magnetic form factor ratio with BLAST Ming X. Liu
Oct. 15 Matthias Burkardt Chromodynamik lensing and transverse single-spin asymmetries Mikkel B. Johnson
Sep. 24 Pavel Nadolsky TBA Mike Leitch
Sep. 17 Bernd Schlei Hydro for Pedestrians Gerd Kunde
Sep. 3 Richard Hasting TBA Martin Cooper
Aug. 21 Jonathan Katz Energetic X-ray Container Radiography Chris Morris
Aug. 20 Volker Lindenstruth Fast Vertex Triggering Gerd Kunde
Aug. 13 John Vergados Neutrinos in a Spherical Box Peter Herczeg


William Deninger Discrete ordinate PRAD models and Adjoints Chris Morris
July 30 Leonard Kisslinger Prediction of a strange baryon with active glue and a possible experimental test Mikkel Johnson
July 24 Ernest Henley (Univ. of Washington, Seattle) Neutrio Astrophysics Mikkel Johnson
July 23

INPAC COLLOQUIUM - Leonard Kisslinger (Carnegie Mellon)

Cosmological Observations of Phase Transitions in the Early Universe? Mikkel Johnson
July 16 Pauchy W-Y. Hwang (National Taiwan University) The Nature of Dark Energy Mikkel Johnson
July 9 Ben Norman TBA Gerd Kunde
July 2 Florencia Canelli TBA Geoff Mills
July 1 Brad Plaster TheNeutron Electric Form Factor  
April 23 Steve Elliot "The Majorana Experiment" R. G. Van de Water
April 16 Ramona Vogt "Systematics of J/Psi Produciton at RHIC" Mike Leitch
April 15 W. Meyer, from Ruhr-University-Bochum "Spin structure measurements at COMPASS, Elsa and Mami" Seppo Penttila
April 9 Jiangyong Jia "Collision Geometry and High pt suppression" Ming Liu
April 2 Jason Newby Charmonium Production as a Probe of Nuclear Matter Pat McGaughey
March 13 Bill Johnson (NIS-6) "Issues in Nuclear Counterterrorism: Where Help Is Needed and How You Can Provide It" Joel Moss
March 5 Hiroki Sato "Spin Physics with the PHENIX Muon Arms" Melynda Brooks
Feb. 12 Gouranga Nayak and Ming Liu, "Discovering new physics at high energy colliders: RHIC and LHC" Jörg Raufeisen
Feb. 6 Ivan Vitev "Predictions for d-Au at RHIC" - NOTE: Will be at 11:00 A.M. Gerd J. Kunde
Jan. 29 Peter Weilhammer "Low Noise Photo-Detectors for Application in Nuclear Imaging" Gerd J. Kunde
Jan. 30 Rainer Fries "Nuclear Enhancement of Higher Twist Corrections in eA and pA collisions" Jörg Raufeisen
Jan. 22 Andy Saunders "Ultra-cold neutron production in solid oxygen" P-25 LDRD Fest
Jan. 22 Joel Moss "LSND Detectors for Homeland Defense" P-25 LDRD Fest
Jan. 23 Chris Morris "Proton radiography and muon radiography" - NOTE: Will be at 11:00 A.M. P-25 LDRD Fest
Jan. 15 Mikkel Johnson "Quantifying Theoretical Uncertainties on Parity Violation in Chaotic Nuclei" P-25 LDRD Fest
Jan. 15 Martin Cooper "EDM LDRD" P-25 LDRD Fest
Jan. 6 Karsten Heeger "First Evidence for Reactor Anti-Neutrino Disappearance at KamLAND" Richard van de Water

P-25 homepage

Past P-25 Seminars 2002

Date Speaker Title Host
Dec. 18 Mickey Chiu "Jet Measurements in Heavy Ion Physics with the PHENIX detector" Michael J. Leitch, P-25
Dec. 16 Zhengwei Chai "Investigation the N to Delta(1232) Transition via Polarization Observables" Michael J. Leitch, P-25
Nov. 25 Nicki Bruner "Spin Physics with the PHENIX Detector" Melynda Brooks, P-25
Nov. 20 Jane Burward-Hoy "A New State of Matter at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider?" Michael J. Leitch, P-25
Nov. 6 David M. Lee, P-25 "The PHENIX Silicon Tracker Upgrade" P-25
Oct. 23 Dr. Gerd Kunde, Yale University "High Transverse Momentum Physics at STAR" Peter D. Barnes, P-25
Oct. 3 Adam Ritz "Probing TeV scale physics with electric dipole moments" P-25
Oct 2 Gouranga Nayak, T-8 "J/Psi production at RHIC" P-25
Sept. 18 Andrew Chamblin, T-8 "Black Hole Production at LHC: String Balls and Black Holes from pp and Lead-lead Collisions" P-25
Aug. 14 Yuri Kamyshkov "Nucleon Instability, (B-L) Non-Conservation, and neutron-antineutron transitions" Mikkel Johnson, P-25
July 24 Pauchy Hwang "Cosmology: An Experimental Science for the New Century" Mikkel Johnson, P-25
July 17 Mark Boulay "Analysis techniques for the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory" P-23
July 10 Boris Kopeliovich "Stopping and creation of baryons in saturated gluon" Mikkel Johnson, P-25
June 26 Katrin Heitmann "Dynamics of Phase Transitions in the Early Universe" Mikkel Johnson, P-25
June 12 Mark Boulay TBA P-23
May 22 Dan Kaplan "MICE: The International Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment" Larry Schultz, P-25
May 16 Baha Balantekin "Sterile neutrinos and supernovae" Bill Louis, P-25
May 15 Martin Cooper "A new experiment to search for the netron electric dipole moment" P-25
May 8 Christopher Mauger "Neutral Current pi0 studies at K2K and atmospheric neutrino oscillations" Geoffrey B. Mills, P-25
April 30 Greg Mitchell "Parity violating asymetry in n+p -> d+gamma" P-23
April 24 Richard Van de Water "New Results from SNO on Neutral Current and Day-Night" P-25
April 17 Liubo Borissov "Neutrinos as the messengers of CPT violation" William C. Louis, P-25
April 8 Rusty Towell "Structure of the proton: past, present, and future experiments" Andrea P. T. Palounek, P-25
April 3 Leonard Kisslinger "QCD phase transition and the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation" Mikkel Johnson, P-25
March 27 Linda Coney "Rapidity Gaps in Vector Boson Events from D0" Geoffrey B. Mills, P-25
March 14 Richard Schirato "Mini BooNE and Core-Collapse Slupernovae" Jörg Raufeisen, P-25
Feb 21 Matthias Burkardt                  "Geometrical interpretation of generalized parton distributions"                                                      Mikkel Johnson, P-25
Feb. 20 Ramona Vogt        "Heavy Quark Production in Heavy Ion Colliders" Jörg Raufeisen, P-25
Jan. 23 Joel Moss "Energy Loss of Hard Quarks in Nuclei" Jörg Raufeisen, P-25

P-25 homepage

  Past P-25 Seminars 2001
DateSpeaker Title Host
Dec. 19 Jörg Raufeisen "Nuclear Effects in the Drell-Yan Process at RHIC and LHC" P-25
Dec. 5 D. Silvermyr The PHENIX Pad Chambers and Charged Particle Multiplicity at mid-rapidity in Au-Au Collisions at RHIC Mike Leitch , P-25
Nov. 28 Gouranga Nayak of T-8 "Production and Equilibration of the Minijet Plasma at RHIC 3" Joel Moss , P-25
Nov. 19 Gouranga Nayak of T-8 Production and Equilibration of the Minijet Plasma at RHIC 2 Joel Moss , P-25
Nov. 14 Gouranga Nayak of T-8 Production and Equilibration of the Minijet Plasma at RHIC 1 Joel Moss , P-25
Nov. 13 Gordon McGregor "Measurement of the neutral current background in SNO" P-25
Nov. 7 Boris Kopeliovich Cronin Effect: SPS-RHIC-LHC Mikkel Johnson , P-25
Oct. 25 Phil Koran Results of the Search for the H Dibaryon Andy Saunders , P-25
Oct. 23 Fesseha G. Mariam Conceptual Design of a Proton Polarimeter for RHIC Andy Saunders , P-25
Sept. 12 Scott Wilburn Z-pinch Physics and the Sandia Z Machine Andy Saunders , P-25
Sept. 5 Scott Wilburn Measurement of Neutron Beta Decay Parameters with a Polarized Pulsed Cold Neutron Beam Andy Saunders , P-25
Aug. 20 Dharam Ahluwalia "On the interface of quantum and gravitational realms" Martin Cooper , P-25
Aug. 15 Dr. Takeyasu Ito "A new measurement of the neutron beta decay angular correlation using ultra-cold neutrons at LANSCE" Andy Saunders , P-25
June 20 Michael Murray "Pion, Kaon, proton and pbar phase space densities in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions". Andy Saunders , P-25
May 9 Boris Kopeliovich "MPI-Heidelberg Polarimetry at RHIC and the Pomeron spin-Flip" and "Neutron -> Antineutron Oscillations in Nuclei" Mikkel Johnson , P-25
Mar 28 Jeff Patterson, Univ. of Co. Precision Measurements of Pi-p elastic analyzing powers between 57 and 140 MeV Andy Saunders , P-25
Mar 23 Dinko Pocanic Measurement of rare pi and mu decays with the PIBETA detector David Bowman , P-23
Mar 21 Michelle Espy, P-21 SQUIDS: recent work on brains, weapons, and neutrons Andy Saunders , P-25
Mar 7 David DeMille, Yale Univ. Fundamental physics using diatomic molecules: from CP violation to quantum computation Martin Cooper , P-25

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  Past P-25 Seminars 2000
Date Speaker Title Host
Jan. 5 Rex Tayloe, LANL P-25 "BooNE and Neutrino Oscillations" (P25 planning series) Bill Louis, P-25
Jan. 7 Sean Kelly, UCLA Recent Results on Lambda Spectra and Polarization from BNL-AGS E896 Jehanne Simon-Gillo , P-25
Jan. 10 John Sullivan, LANL P-25 "Global variables with the MVD" (P25 planning series) Hubert van Hecke , P-25
Jan. 12 Chris Morris, LANL P-25 PRAD (P25 planning series) Andrea Palounek, P-25
Jan. 18 Harold A. Davis, LANL P-24 Physics and Applications of Ultra-Intense Ion Beams Martin Cooper , P-25
Jan. 19 Joerg Raufeisen, Max Planck Institute, Heidelberg "Light cone approach to nuclear shadowing in DIS and to the Drell-Yan process" Mikkel Johnson , P-25
Jan. 26 Brent Park, LANL NIS-6 "ER Active Diagnostics" (Q-clearance required) Andrea Palounek, P-25
Feb. 2 Mike Leitch/Pat McGaughey, LANL P-25 "CERN NA6i" (P25 planning series) TBA
Feb. 3 Gerry Garvey, LANL P-25 "FNAL P906" (P25 planning series) TBA
Feb. 9 John Zumbro, LANL P-25 "Other Applications of PRAD" (P25 planning series) TBA
Mon 2/14 Andy Saunders, LANL P-25 "UCN/ Big A" (P25 planning series) TBA
Wed 2/16 Martin Cooper "Electric Dipole Moment of the Neutron" (P25 planning series) TBA
Tues 2/22 Dick Mischke, LANL P-25 "J-Lab Hall D" (P25 planning series) TBA
Tue, 2/29 TBA "A mini-Symposium on Threat Reduction Technology" Martin Cooper , P-25
Wed 3/1 Arch Theissen, LANL P-25 "AHF" (P25 planning series) TBA
Thurs 3/2 Avigdor Gavron, LANL NIS-5 "The Challenge of Measuring Nuclear Materials" Martin Cooper , P-25
Wed, 3/8 Todd Haines, LANL P-23 "Update from SuperKamiokande: Neutrino Oscillations and all the Rest" Geoff Mills , P-25
Wed, 3/15 Joe McCullough, UC, Santa Cruz "An Overview of the Milagro Gamma Ray Observatory" Bill Louis, P-25
Wed, 3/29 Terry Goldman, LANL T-16 "Neutrinos: Tritium Beta Decay and Oscillations" TBA
Wed, 4/12 Boris Kopeliovich, MPI-Heidelberg and JINR-Dubna "Why total cross sections rise with energy" Mikkel Johnson , P-25
Wed, 4/19 Paul Kwiat, LANL P23 "101 uses for entangled photons" TBA
Wed, 4/26 David Bowman, LANL P-23 The n,p -> d,gamma Experiment TBA
Wed, 5/31 Gerry Garvey, LANL P-25 "The Karmino-A Very Massive Neutrino?" TBA
6/12-6/16 various speakers "Workshop on Hard Processes and RHIC Physics" various
Mon, 6/19 Bob Cadman, University of Illinois "Proton-Deuteron Elastic Scattering and Three-Body Force Effects" Martin Cooper
Wed, 6/21 Roger Pynn, LANL, LANSCE-DO "LANSCE" TBA
Wed, 6/28 Peter Vogel, Cal Tech "Future galactic supernova neutrino signal. What can we learn?" TBA
Wed, 7/5 Andy Saunders, LANL P-25 "Recent progress on UCN source development at LANSCE" TBA
Wed, 7/19 George Chapline "Defense/Scientific Applications of Muons" Q-cleared only TBA
Wed, 7/26 Leonard Kisslinger "Instantons and Confining Glue in Hadronic Physics" Mikkel Johnson , P-25
Wed, 9/6 Prof. Pauchy Hwang, National Taiwan University "The Early Universe and the Taiwan CosPA Project" Jen-Chieh Peng , P-25
Oct 11 Jason Webb TBA Pat McGaughey , P-25
Oct 20 Mark Boulay Sensitivity of Detecting Neutrino Oscillations with SNO in the Pure D2O Phase Andrew Hime , P-25
Oct 25 Joerg Raufeisen QCD coherence effects in high energy reactions with nuclei Mikkel Johnson , P-25
Nov 2 Geoff Mills "Final Neutrino-Oscillation Results from LSND" Geoff Mills , P-25
Nov 2 Eric Prebys CP Violation in the B Meson System: First Results from the Belle Experiment. Gerald Garvey , P-25
Nov 6 Richard Van de Water First Neutrino Observations from the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory Gerald Garvey , P-25
Nov 7 Marco Silari TBA Laurie Waters , P-25
Nov 28 Joachim Wolf, University of Alabama Neutrino Physics at Accelerators and Reactors Gerald Garvey , P-25
Nov 29 Boris Kopeliovich, Max Planck Inst. for Nuclear Physics, Heidelberg Charmonium production off nuclei: from SPS to RHIC and on Mikkel Johnson , P-25
Dec 6 Mike Perry, General Atomic Low Emittence 50 MeV-Class Proton Beams from Laser Produced Plasmas Mikkel Johnson , P-25
Date Speaker Title Host