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* Phenix and the MVD

The Multiplicity and Vertex Detector is the innermost detector of the
PHENIX experiment, planned for RHIC at Brookhaven.

  • go to the MVD homepage.
  • today's view of the Major Facility Hall, (future) home of Phenix.
  • Spin page
  • help pages for our CODA setup
  • my talks, reports, writeups etc. on the web
  • A link to my area on the www server at BNL
  • Phenix logo reference page
  • global variables
  • NEW MVD info page

  • NA44

    NA44 is a focussing spectrometer for ultrarelativistic heavy-ion research, installed at the
    SPS at CERN.

  • software: for users
  • software: for managers
  • go to the NA44 homepage.
  • The NA44 heavy ion page at CERN.
  • Freezer (Chapman-Nix model)

  • Aerogel

    Yes, well... aerogel


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