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Physics/Theory Colloquium Series

Date/Time Speaker Title Links Host
Aug 26 2010
4:00 PM
Prof. Avi Loeb, Harvard How Did the First Stars and Galaxies Form?     Daniel Holz (T-2)
Sep 9 2010
4:00 PM
Prof. John Miao, UCLA CXDI     Cris Barnes (P-DO)
Sep 16 2010
4:00 PM
Richard Van de Water Update Antineutrino Oscillation Results from MiniBooNE     Cris Barnes (P-DO)
Oct 7 2010
4:00 PM
Prof. Roman Jackiw (MIT) Fractional Charge-The Physics of Zero Energy Eigenmodes     Ivar Martin (T)
Oct 14 2010
4:00 PM
David Kaplan (Institute for Nuclear Theory, Seattle) Axions, the Anthropic Principle, and the Tilted Universe abstract   Sanjay Reddy (T)
Oct 21 2010
4:00 PM
Prof. Jolie Cizewski (Rutgers University) The Magic Numbers of Maria Goeppert Mayer: From Los Alamos to the future abstract   Cris W. Barnes (P-DO)
Oct 28 2010
4:00 PM
Brian Munsky (Leon Heller Postdoc Publication Prize Winner) Listening to the Noise: Random Fluctuations Reveal Biological Mechanisms abstract   Mary Anne With, (STPBO-EPDO)
Nov 4 2010 CANCELLED (DNP meeting in Santa Fe)      
Nov 11 2010 CANCELLED (DPP Meeting)      
Nov 18 2010
2:30 PM
Prof. Louis Kaufmann Topological Quantum Information Theory abstract   talk Hanna Makaruk (P-21)
Nov 25 2010 CANCELLED (Thanksgiving)      
Dec 9 2010 Professor Dallas Trinkle, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign Dislocations with First Principles: Connecting Defects to Macroscale Behavior in Real Materials abstract   Sven Rudin (T)
Jan 13 2011
4:00 PM
Hold for possible Mike Dunne     Cris Barnes (P-DO)
Jan 20 2011
Professor Olle Eriksson, Uppsala University Theory of magnetic materials, from ab-initio theory to spin-dynamics abstract   John Wills (T)
Jan 27 2011
4:00 PM
Dr. Chris Stanek (MST-8, and CASL project) TBD (on Center for Advanced Simulation of Light water reactors) abstract   Cris W. Barnes (P-DO)
Feb 3 2011 John Singleton, MPA-CMMS, LANL Breaking the universal speed limit: Emission of radiation by superluminal sources in the laboratory and the observable universe abstract   Ivar Martin (T)
Feb 10 2011 Professor Michael Ward, NYU Biology and Medicine Meets Materials Science: Pathological Crystallization and Disease abstract   Marc Cawkwell, (T)
Feb 24 2011 Professor Jose Onuchic, UCSD Machines of life: from small proteins to large biomolecular machines. abstract   Karissa Sanbonmatsu, (T)
Mar 3 2011
4:00 PM
Prof. Case van Dam (UC Davis) Wind Energy     BJ Balasubramaniam (P-23)
Mar 10 2011 Professor Ellen Zweibel, University of Wisconsin-Madison The Generation and Evolution of Astrophysical Magnetic Fields abstract   Hui Li (T)
Mar 17 2011
4:00 PM
Peter Amendt, LLNL Impact of Barodiffusion on ICF Implosions abstract   Cris W. Barnes (P-DO)
Mar 24 2011 Anna Marie Pyle, Yale University Analyzing and modeling RNA structure using a reduced representation of the RNA backbone     Karissa Sanbonmatsu (T)
Apr 14 2011 Profesor Carlos R. Stroud Jr., University of Rochester The Classical Limit of an Atom     Peter Milonni (T)
Apr 28 2011
4:00 PM
Xiaodong Jiang, LANL JLab data on spin asymmetry measurements     Cris W. Barnes, (P-DO)
May 19 2011
4:00 PM
Dr. Nigel Smith The SNOLAB underground lab in Canada     Keith Rielage, P-25
May 26 2011
3:00 PM
Prof. Pierre Sokolsky (Dean of Science, Univeristy of Utah) Collaborative Research between LANL and the University of Utah HELD AT MSL AUDITORIUM!!!     Gus Sinnis (P-DO)
Jun 9 2011
4:00 PM
Antonio di Piazza Intense laser fields as a tool for testing strong-field classical and quantum electrodynamics     Manuel Hegelich (P-24)
Jun 16 2011 Summer Break