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P-25 Reviews, Workshops
LANL Phenix review, July 2003

PHENIX Muon Physics and Forward Upgrades Workshop, June 2004

LANL NP review, February 2005

Santa Fe Muon Workshop, June 2005

PANIC05 Conference, October 2005

LANL Heavy Ion review 2010

Santa Fe Drell-Yan Workshop

LANL Heavy Ion review 2012

Americium project

HI, Spin Long Range Plannig, August 2014

Additional Info
Group Leader
Melynda Brooks
Deputy Group Leader
Frans Trouw
Group Administrator
Irene Martinez
Group Administrator
Miquela Sanchez

Group Office Location

TA-53, Building MPF-1
Room A144
Phone: (505) 667-6941
Fax: (505) 665 7920

Mail Stop H846

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