Date/Time Speaker Title Links Host
Aug 28 2014 Siegfried Glenzer, SLAC, Stanford Exploring the physical properties of matter in extreme conditions abstract    
Dec 4 2014 Andrey Korytov Higgs boson discovery and what we have learned since then abstract   Matt Snowball
Dec 11 2014 Dr. Jianwei Qiu Future QCD Physics Opportunities with the Proposed Electron-Ion Collider      
Feb 18 2015
Francois Gygi, University of California Davis Large-Scale First-Principles Molecular Dynamics Simulations for Materials Science Applications abstract   Marc Cawkwell
Mar 4 2015
Dr. Matthew Rosen High-performance millitesla MRI: brain imaging & in vivo DNP abstract   John George
Mar 12 2015
Jolie Cizewski Radioactive Ion Beam Studies for Nuclear Structure, Astrophysics and Stewardship Science abstract   Robert Haight
May 14 2015 Xin-Nian Wang (tentative) A beginner's guide to recreating the early universe in heavy-ion collisions abstract   talk Ming Liu
Jun 18 2015 Leslie Rosenberg The Search for Dark-Matter Axions abstract   Bill Louis
Jul 9 2015 Fio Omenetto Living materials- the technological reinvention of silk abstract   Dale Tupa
Jul 30 2015 Michael Snow (tentative) the n-nBar experiment and some related topics abstract   Andy Saunders
Aug 13 2015 Houyang Guo (tentative) Plasma-Material Interactions abstract   Zhehui (Jeff) Wang