EDM CD-1 Reprise Review


General Information

Agenda for December 14, 2006 Review at DOE 6-Dec-06


CD-1 Reprise Presentations

Response to the CD-1 Review Report presented by M. Cooper 12-Dec-06

Risk Based R&D Plan presented by M. Cooper 12-Dec-06

Assembly Plan and CD-4 Requirements presented by P. Huffman 12-Dec-06

Cost, Schedule and Management Issues presented by M. Cooper 12-Dec-06


CD-1 Documents

Conceptual Design Report 6-Dec-06

Changes to the CD-4 requirements (Chapter II) and the

assembly description (Chapter XI) only

Preliminary Project Execution Plan (PPEP) 6-Dec-06

A mostly rewritten document since the August review

Preliminary Risk Management Plan and Risk Log 8-Dec-06

Primarily modifications to the likelihood and impact tables

Acrobat Reader magnifier recommended for the new risk log

Preliminary Hazard Identification and Analysis Plan 6-Dec-06

Minor changes since the August Review


Support Documents

R&D Risk Assessment 24-Nov-06

A new document to the committee

Response to the CD-1 Review Recommendations 9-Dec-06

A summary of the response to be given at the mini-review

nEDM Workforce Commitments 12-Dec-06

Updated spread sheets through 2012


Reference Documents

Full Pre-proposal 24-Apr-02

Update of Pre-proposal 1-Feb-05

Fits and Uncertainty Principle 10-Nov-02

CD-1 Web Page 7-Aug-06