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P/T Colloquium

P-25 Seminars

The nominal time and place is Wednesday, 10:30 AM, at TA53-001-D105. The contact person is Elena Guardincerri .

  • If you want to schedule a speaker, please send the desired date(s), name, affilation, title, an abstract, and any WWW pages that could be referenced.
  • If you would like to visit with a speaker, contact the host.

As you see, the schedule has plenty of openings. Maybe we should fill it in a bit with some local folks (students perhaps?) talking about what they are currently working on. Send ideas to us. Thanks.

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Aug 20 2019
D105-confirmed Heinrich Paes (University of Dortmund) TBD     Bill Louis

Jun 19 2019
D105 Evan Grohs (UCB) Weak Interactions and the Synthesis of the Primordial Elements abstract   Takeyasu Ito
May 23 2019
A234 Tom Ward(TechSource) Antineutrino Transmutation and Detection abstract   Richard Van De Water
May 8 2019
D105 Mengnan Zou Diamond Radiation Detectors --from Photon to Proton abstract   Zhehui Wang
Mar 14 2019
D105 En-Chuan Huan (P-25) Significant Excess of Electron-Like Events in the MiniBooNE and Future Search for Sterile Neutrino abstract   Cesar da Silva
Mar 13 2019
D105 Xueying Huyan (Michigan State University) Precision Measurement of the β-energy Spectrum in 6He Decay abstract   Takeyasu Ito
Mar 12 2019
A234 Dustin Keller (Unversity of Virginia) Tips and Trick with High Intensity Polarized Targets abstract   Cesar da Silva
Mar 11 2019
A234 Sangha Park (SBU) Nuclear structure from nucleon to nucleus: leveraging spin to understand nature abstract   Cesar da Silva
Mar 7 2019
D105 Astrid Morreale (Institute Mines Telecom, IGDORE Institute in Nantes (France)) Perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics: from the gluon’s spin to a plasma of quarks and gluons abstract   Cesar da Silva
Mar 4 2019
9:00 AM
A234 Pawel Nadal-Turonski (Stony Brook University, JLAB) The glue that binds us all abstract   Cesar da Silva
Feb 26 2019
A234 Pinghan Chu (LANL/P21) Search for New Physics with Atoms and Nuclear Decay abstract   Cesar Da Silva
Feb 13 2019
A234 Dr. Flemming Videbaek (BNL) The STAR HFT – performance and open charm physics at RHIC abstract   Ming Liu
Feb 13 2019
11:00 AM
A234 Fred Olness (SMU) PDF Flavor Determination and the nCTEQ PDFs abstract   Ivan Vitev
Jan 23 2019
D105 Taufique Hassan (University of Maryland/NIST) A Measurement of the Electron-Antineutrino Angular Correlation in Neutron β Decay abstract
Jan 16 2019
D105 Beatrice Franke (TRIUMF) Particle Physics at TRIUMF and the TUCAN ultra cold neutron facility abstract
Jan 15 2019
10:30 AM
A234 Yancey Sechrest (Global Foundries, Albany, NY) Coded Aperture Spectroscopy Methods and Applications abstract
Jan 8 2019
D105 Chris Karwin (UCI) Fermi-LAT Observations of Gamma-Ray Emission Towards the Outer Halo of M31 abstract
Dec 13 2018
A234 Dr. Oleg Denisov (INFN Torino and CERN) A New QCD Facility at the M2 beam line of the CERN SPS abstract
Dec 11 2018
D105 Cameron Dean (CERN) CP violation in the quark sector: recent results from LHCb abstract
Nov 14 2018
D105 Dr Danielle Schaper (University of kentucky) NOPTREX: A Search for Beyond The Standard Model (BSM) T-Violation in Neutron-Nucleon Scattering Interactions abstract
Oct 22 2018
D105 Keith Pedersen (Illinois Tech) Good to the last drop: fully utilizing a pp collision's correlated information with the QCD power spectrum abstract
Oct 15 2018
A234 Eliane Epple Inclusive jet measurements with ALICE abstract
Oct 10 2018
D105 Natasha Sachdeva (University of Michigan) Measurement of the permanent electric dipole moment of 129Xe using 3He comagnetometery and SQUID detection abstract
Sep 12 2018
A234 Jana Crkovska Charmonium production in proton-proton and proton-lead collisions at the LHC measured with ALICE abstract
Sep 12 2018
D105 Hogan Nguyen (FNAL) A New Experiment to Measure the Muon Anomalous Magnet Moment to 100 ppb abstract   talk  
Sep 5 2018
D105 Prof. Liang Yang (University of Illinois) Searching dark matter with the COSINE-100 experiment abstract
Aug 30 2018
Bradbury Science Museum Marco Casolino (CERN) Searching for Dark Matter with the CERN SHiP Experiment
Aug 1 2018
A234 Leonard Kisslinger (Carnegie Mellon University) The Quark Gluon Plasma abstract
Jul 26 2018
A234 Hartmut Abele (Technical University of Vienna) qBOUNCE, a Quantum Bouncing Ball Gravity Spectrometer abstract
Jul 25 2018
D105 Dirk Wiedner (University of Heidelberg) Novel thin High Voltage Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors for the Mu3e experiment abstract
Jun 20 2018 D105 Dr. Ernst Sichtermann (LBNL) TBD
Jun 6 2018
D105 Joshua Spitz (University of Michigan) First Measurement of Monoenergetic Muon Neutrino Charged Current Interactions abstract
May 3 2018
A234 Alec Habig (University of Minnesota Duluth) NOvA and DUNE: wrangling neutrino data from GB/s to TB/s abstract
Apr 25 2018
D105 Dr. Mateus Vicente Barreto Pinto (CERN) HV-CMOS pixel detector developments towards future tracking/vertex detectors at ATLAS and CLIC experiments abstract
Apr 18 2018
D105 Erika Catano New neutrino oscillation results from NOvA abstract
Feb 7 2018
D105 Yung-Ruey Yen (Drexel University) PROSPECT: Precision Oscillation and Spectrum Experiment abstract
Jan 25 2018
D105 Andrew Erlandson (CNL) Muon Tomography at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories abstract
Jan 10 2018
D105 Dr. Sanghoon Lim (LANL) Study of nuclear effects in small collision systems connecting proton-proton and heavy-ion collisions abstract    
Jan 9 2018
A234 Dan Salvat (University of Washington) MuSun: precision muon capture on the deuteron at PSI abstract
Dec 4 2017
D105 Maria Chamizo Llatas (BNL) Science drivers and technological challenges in HEP abstract
Nov 16 2017
A234 Prof. Zi-Wei Lin (East Carolina University) Heavy Quark Flows as Better Probes of QGP Properties abstract   talk
Nov 9 2017
A234 Ron Belmont (University of Colorado, Boulder) Searching for collectivity and testing the limits of hydrodynamics: understanding small systems in heavy ion collisions abstract
Nov 8 2017
D105 Prof. Hayano (university of Tokyo) Antimatter science at CERN abstract
Oct 12 2017
D105 Sheldon Stone (Syracuse University) Searches for Physics beyond the standard model in b decays abstract
Oct 11 2017
A234 Scott Hertel (UMass) Superfluid 4He for detection of low-mass dark matter abstract
Oct 11 2017
10:30 AM
D105 Aaron Dominguez (Catholic University of America in Washington DC) Recent Results from CMS abstract
Sep 20 2017
10:30 AM
D105 Jonathan Asaadi (University of Texas, Arlington) Pions in Liquid Argon: From neutrino interactions to test beams! abstract
Aug 10 2017
53-31-201 Dr. Lucas Parker (John Hopkins University) The search for the primordial gravitational wave background abstract
Aug 1 2017
Rosen Auditorium Nicole Apadula (LBNL) Systematic study of hadron production in highly asymmetric systems at PHENIX abstract
Jul 26 2017
D105 Xuan Li (LANL) Forward studies at RHIC: probe gluons and heavy quarks abstract
Jul 24 2017
D105 Alex Schmah (LBNL) Exploration of QCD matter with relativistic heavy-ion collisions abstract
Jul 20 2017
D105 Sanghoon Lim (LANL) Journey of heavy quarks to the world of nuclear matter abstract
Jul 19 2017
D105 Michele Floris (CERN) Heavy and Light Collisions at the LHC (and the emergence of the quark-gluon plasma) abstract
Jul 17 2017
D105 Phil Ilten (MIT) Fitting Round Physics into a Square Detector: Emergent QCD and Dark Photons abstract
May 31 2017
D105 Bryce Littlejohn (IIT) Recent Reactor Antineutrino Flux and Spectrum Measurements. abstract   talk
May 24 2017
D105 Seth Van Liew (Passport Systems) Proton interrogation of passenger and cargo vehicles at near-background dose levels to identify shielded nuclear threats     talk
May 10 2017
D105 Matt Graham (SLAC) First results from the Heavy Photon Search Experiment abstract
Apr 12 2017
10:30 AM
D105 Nyugen Phan (UNM) Extending the Reach of Directional Dark Matter Experiments Through Novel Detector Technologies abstract
Mar 15 2017
10:30 AM
D105 Vincenzo Cirigliano Neutrinoless double beta decay and chiral symmetry abstract
Feb 15 2017
D105 Prof. Frank Avignone (University of South Carolina) A Status Report on the CUORE Neutrino-less Double-Beta Decay Experiment at Gran Sasso
Jan 30 2017
D105 Peter Geltenbort New from the ILL ultracold neutron physics program abstract
Jan 25 2017
D105 Tyler Thornton (U Indiana) MiniBooNE Results on Sub-GeV Dark Matter Search abstract
Jan 24 2017
D105 Terry Goldman (LANL) Implications of Higgs’ Universality for Physics Beyond the Standard Model abstract    
Jan 10 2017
A234 Prof. Berd Surrow (Temple University) Recent Results of the high-energy spin physics program at RHIC and BNL abstract
Jan 3 2017
D105 Dr Eric Norrgard (Yale) Diatomic polar molecules: laser cooling and a search for T-violating interactions
Nov 21 2016
Rosen Auditorium Souleymane Omar Diallo (ORNL) Probing phase transitions and materials properties with neutron spectroscopy abstract
Nov 17 2016
D105 Levi Neukirch (P-25) Toward improved density resolution at pRad through proton Time-of-Flight
Nov 2 2016
D105 Robert Cooper (NMSU) The COHERENT Experiment at the Spallation Neutron Source abstract   talk  
Oct 25 2016 D105 Gabriel Collin (MIT) Status of global sterile neutrino fits abstract
Oct 19 2016
D105 Brian Zeck (LANL) Neutron Beta-Decay Measurements abstract   talk  
Oct 5 2016
A234 Zhaowen Tang (LANL) TBD      
Sep 20 2016
D105 Erick Smith (Indiana University) Laboratory Searches for Exotic Spin-Dependent Monopole-Dipole Interactions of Nucleons Using Polarized Noble Gas Ensembles abstract
Sep 7 2016 D105 Neil Spooner (University of Sheffield) Galactic Signatures and Directional Detection of Particle Dark Matter - the CYGNUS Project and Probing below the Neutrino Floor abstract
Aug 9 2016 D105 Mikkel Johnson (LANL) Exact Closed-Form Neutrino Oscillation Probabilities for Three Coupled Dirac Neutrinos in Matter: Theory and Experimental Implications abstract   talk  
Aug 2 2016 D105 Hermann Geppert (Vienna University of Technology) Fundamental quantum mechanical experiments in perfect crystal neutron interferometry abstract
Jul 26 2016 D105 Leonard Kisslinger (CMU) Gravitational Wave Production and LIGO Detection abstract    
Jul 19 2016 D105 Darren McGlinchey (University of Colorado at Boulder) Probing Hot Nuclear Matter with Heavy Quarks at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider abstract
Jul 12 2016 D105 En-Chuan Huang (LANL) Latest Results from the Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment abstract    
Jun 28 2016 D105 Laura Fabbietti (TUM) Strange Hadrons and Neutron stars abstract
Jun 21 2016 D105 Emanuele Mereghetti (LANL) Constraining the top and Higgs sectors of the Standard Model EFT: collider vs. EDMs abstract
Apr 4 2016
D105 Peter Fierlinger (Technical University of Munich) A staged approach towards a measurement of the neutron EDM beyond 10-27 ecm sensitivity abstract   Takeyasu Ito
Mar 24 2016
1:00 PM
D105 Bob Bernstein (FNAL) Mu2e: A High-Sensitivity Charged Lepton Flavor-Violating Search at Fermilab abstract   Bill Louis
Mar 15 2016
D105 Uli Weinands (SLAC) Channeling, Volume Reflection and gamma-Ray Production by Electrons at Multi-GeV Beam Energy in Crystals. abstract   Fesseha Mariam
Mar 14 2016
D105 Christopher Tully (Princeton) Status of PTOLEMY for Calorimeter-based Relic Neutrino Detection and Neutrino Mass Measurement abstract   talk Elena Guardincerri
Mar 9 2016
D105 Martin Purschke (BNL) The sPHENIX Experiment at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider abstract   Ming Liu
Mar 8 2016
10 AM
D105 Dr. Kun Liu (LANL) Exploring nucleon and nucleus structures and physics beyond the SM at Fermilab abstract   Ming Liu
Mar 2 2016
D105 Frank N. Von Hippel (Princeton) Verification Challenges of a Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty abstract   J. Matthew Durham
Feb 2 2016 D105 Sho Uemura The Heavy Photon Search Experiment at Jefferson Lab abstract   talk Ming Liu
Jan 15 2016
D105 Dr. Anna Zajczyk CZT detectors - their development and use in the field of X-ray astrophysics abstract   Zhehui Wang
Jan 14 2016 D105 Michael Williams LHCb: Results, Status & Prospects abstract   Cesar Da Silva
Dec 1 2015 D105 En-Chuan Huang, University of Illinios On Daya Bay Experiment     Bill Louis
Oct 27 2015 D105 Kirk Bays (Caltech) TBD