About the P-25 publications page

The P-25 publications page is composed dynamically by PHP, using a data base. The data base is filled in different ways:
  1. Data is mined from time to time from the PHENIX publications page at Brookhaven National Lab
  2. Data is extracted now and then from the LA-UR data base at LANL
  3. New entries, and corrections and updates to exiting ones can be made using the entry form.
If you spot unexpected behavior (what used to be called bugs), or want additional features, options, or wish to request Phenix or LA-UR updates, ask Hubert

1) How to get PHENIX records:

On any given day, there are about a dozen papers that have been submitted for publication and submitted to the arXiv. These are NOT listed here. To see those, go to the Phenix publications page.

  - Go to http://www.phenix.bnl.gov/~hubert/p25/papers.php
    - fill in the topmost PHENIX ppg number you see (select phenix in the selections)
    - fill in the highest index (shown at the bottom of the page)
    - submit
  - it produces (on rcas) papers_out.txt
  - save/as plain text file

2) How to get the LA-UR records:
    - go to http://lasearch.lanl.gov
        - 'Fielded Search' tab
        - All Fields -> Group -> P-25  ->   Go
        - LH column click on LA-UR, (and for example 2014)
        - LH column, Tools tab, clear marked records, if any
        - RH column, leaf through all pages, and mark all items
    - or (for 2015) go directly to here (in the url, find 2015 and replace it with the year of your choice).

    - export marked records -> email to yourself (may take a few minutes)
    - receive email -> save as (dated) file (e.g. laur_29may14.txt)
    - remove headers etc. This is the input to a parsing script:

  script is ./laur_parse.pl
  You need to answer:
    - current date 
    - current highest index number (look at the bottom of the pubs web page)
    - on the pubs page, the last date for which an LA-UR is shown

  Output is laur__sorted_renumbered.txt

  Add this by hand to pubs_data.inc
    - check for duplicate records on the 'overlap day'.
    - edit the sequence number file pubs_code.dat
    - edit file pubs_laur.inc for the current date.

Hubert Van Hecke
Last modified: 09 Oct 15