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Physics/Theory Colloquium Series

Date/Time Speaker Title Links Host

Sep 6 2012 Gary Hinshaw Taking the Measure of the Universe abstract   Emil Mottola, T-2
Sep 20 2012
Michael Peskin The Higgs Boson: From Expectation to Reality abstract   talk Rajan Gupta
Oct 20 2012
4:00 PM
Prof. Al Osborne (U. of Turin and NRL) Rogue Waves abstract   BJ Balasubramaniam (P-23)
Oct 25 2012
4:00 PM
Dr. Warren Huelsnitz Physics and Astrophysics with the IceCube Neutrino Observatory abstract   Richard Van de Water

Nov 8 2012
4:00 pm
Libin Rong Hepatitis C virus dynamics: modeling and implications abstract   Mary Anne With
Feb 28 2013
Sol Gruner Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source  abstract  Cris Barnes
Mar 14 2013 John Tully Chemical Dynamics at Metal Surfaces: The Role of Electronic Excitations abstract   Sergei Tretiak
Apr 18 2013
4:00 pm
Prof. Mohamed Abdou Fusion Energy R&D abstract   Don Rej
May 2 2013 Prof. Xiangdong Ji PandaX: A Direction Dark-Matter Search Experiment in China Jiping Underground Lab abstract   Xiaodong Jiang
May 9 2013
4:00 pm
Professor Joel Primack Computing the Universe abstract   Gus Sinnis
May 23 2013 Dr. Emil Mottola What's the (Quantum) Matter with Black Holes? abstract    
Jul 25 2013
10:30 AM
Dr. Victor Gehman Direct Search for Dark Matter with Two-Phase Liquid Argon Detectors  abstract  Steve Elliott
Aug 15 2013 Brian Abbey Spatially and Temporally Resolved Materials Characterization across the Lengthscales via Coherent X-ray Diffraction abstract   Richard Sandberg