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Physics/Theory Colloquium Series

Date/Time Speaker Title Links Host
Oct 30 2008 Savvas Koushiappas P/T Colloquium: Leon Heller Postdoc Publication Prize winner      
Nov 13 2008 Dr. Christopher L Fryer Asymmetries in Supernovae     Tom Tierney
Nov 20 2008 Peter McIntyre (Dept. of Physics, Texas A&M) Petavac: Boson-Boson Collisions at 100 TeV     Tom Tierney (P-24)
Nov 27 2008 None Thanksgiving Holiday -- No Speaker      
Dec 18 2008 Roberto Mancini (University of Nevada - Reno) TBD     Tom Tierney (P-35)
Dec 25 2008 None Winter Energy-Savings Break -- No Speaker      
Jan 8 2009 Phil Anderson Hidden Fermi Liquid     Ivar Martin (T)
Jan 22 2009 Dennis Whyte (MIT) Surface Studies of Plasma Facing Components     Scott Hsu (P-24)
Jan 29 2009 William Louis (P-DO) MiniBoone Neutrino     Tom Tierney (P)
Feb 12 2009 Michael Ulrickson (Sandia National Laboratories) Design and Development Activities for the ITER First Wall and Shield     Scott Hsu (P-24)
Feb 19 2009 Dr. Ed Moses (LLNL) LIFE     Cris Barnes
Feb 19 2009 Hold for alternate Fusion Materials - Second Talk     Scott Hsu (P-24)
Feb 26 2009 Bryan V. Oliver (Sandia National Laboratories) Intense Electron Beam Diodes for X-ray generation abstract   Tom Tierney (P-24)
Mar 12 2009 Todd Martinez Photochemistry and Mechanochemistry from First Principles Dynamics     Joshua Coe ( T )
Apr 2 2009 Mark Raizen Towards Comprehensive Control of Atomic and Molecular Motion     Salman Habib
Apr 23 2009 Young-Kee Kim (Dep. Dir. Fermilab)     Bill Louis (P-25)
May 14 2009 John Beamish: Change in location- MSL Auditorium Flow and elastic properties of helium: is it a “supersolid”?     Ivar Martin (T)
May 28 2009 Richard Hennig Creatio Ex Nihilo or the Ab Initio Prediction of Crystal Structure Formation     Sven Rudin ( T )
Jun 4 2009 John Sarrao, (Los Alamos) MaRIE: An Experimental Facility Concept Providing Transformational Materials Solutions for Today’s and Tomorrow’s National Security Needs     Cris Barnes, P-DO
Jun 11 2009 Cris W. Barnes, (LANL) The MaRIE Multi-Probe Diagnostic Hall     Cris Barnes, P-DO
Jun 18 2009 Mark Bourke, (LANL) The MaRIE Fission Fusion Materials Facility     Cris Barnes, P-DO
Jul 9 2009 Mark B. Chadwick, (LANL) MaRIE Theory, Modeling and Simulation Integration     Cris Barnes, P-DO
Jul 23 2009 T. Mark McCleskey (LANL) Radiation Matter Interactions for Energy Conversion Materials Discovery: The MaRIE-M4 Facility     Cris Barnes, P-DO
Jul 28 2009 Michael Berry Hamilton’s Diabolical Singularity     Razvan Teodorescu (T)