Fermilab beam test 2018


Run plan

What we requested in the TSW (the same as what INTT requested):

  • The experiment will run parasitically with T1439, and the beam request of T1439 meets the needs of this experiment: 1) 2 GeV secondary beam low intensity and lead brick for multi-scattering 2) 8 GeV secondary lowintensity 3) 120 GeV primary beam low intensityIf compatible with other users, some running at 20 GeV secondary beam at low intensity is also desired.
  • 10k-100k particles/spill
  • The particle composition of the beams is not critical. It is expected that the 120 GeV primary beam will be protons, and the secondary beams will be a mixture of protons, pions and muons.
  • beam spot: 1 cm^2 or less preferred

What we will try to measure/test:

  1. Efficiency with different ALPIDE parameters
  2. Tracking/resolutions in a clean environment (120 GeV protons) and different ALPIDE parameters
  3. Cluster size with different beam energies
  4. Data rates with high occupancies and/or trigger rates
  5. Cluster size with different beam angles
  6. Cluster size with high occupancy (overlapping clusters)
  7. Cluster size with different ALPIDE parameters

ALPIDE parameters include DAC parameters (Alex will decide these), bias, trigger delay

Sho Uemura
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