August 19-20, 2004 EDM Collaboration Meeting

Attendence: Larry Bartoszek (Bartoszek Engineering/Illinois), Doug Beck (UIUC), Jan Boissevain (LANL), Martin Cooper (LANL), Andrea Esler (Illinois), Brad Filippone (Caltech), Haiyan Gao (Duke), Mike Hayden (Simon Fraser), Jenny Hsiao (Caltech), Takeyasu Ito (ORNL), Steve Lamoreaux (LANL), Chen-Yu Liu (LANL), Josh Long (LANL), Jen-Chieh Peng (UIUC), Brad Plaster (Caltech), Walt Sondheim (LANL), Scott Wilburn (LANL), Steve Williamson (UIUC), Liang Yang (Harvard)
  • EDM Collaboration Business - Martin Cooper
  •                 a)    2003-04 R&D Funds
                    b)    2005 R&D Proposal
                    c)    Progress Report
                    d)    Full Proposal
                    e)    DOE Interactions
  • Experiment Designs - Jan Boissevain
  •                 a)    Combined production and measurement regions - Katerina Korebkina
                    b)    Separated production and measurement regions - Katerina Korebkina
  • Overview of pros and cons for the separated and combined designs - Scott Wilburn
  • Backgrounds - Scott Wilburn
  •                 a)    Applicability of n-lifetime experiment’s experience to EDM operating conditions - prepared by Paul Huffman
                    b)    If after pulse selection works at 100:1, what background levels should an EDM experiment encounter? - prepared by Paul Huffman
                    c)    Materials selection and the impact of impurities on backgrounds under EDM operating conditions - prepared by Paul Huffman
                    d)    Can UCN be transported through cryogenic foils?
  • Neutron guides - Steve Lamoreaux
  •                 a)    What is the loss of neutrons between the end of the guide and the production cell as a function of the gap? - prepared by Feri Mezei
                    b)    Can 9A neutrons be ballistically focused into the production cell? - prepared by Feri Mezei
                    c)    Can a guide of roughly m=3 be made from an electrical insulator? - prepared by Feri Mezei
                    d)    Can a supermirror guide be run at cryogenic temperatures? - prepared by Feri Mezei
  • 3He transport across a vapor barrier between production and measurement cells - Mike Hayden
  • Nature of a separate production cell - Takeyasu Ito
  •                 a)    What dimensions are appropriate and what UCN density can be achieved?
                    b)    What fill time for the production cell (4 liter) will be required with a 1” aperture connecting pipe?
                    c)    What should be the time for the ultra-pure helium to become contaminated with 3He?
  • UCN transfer tubes and gamma ray shielding - Scott Wilburn
  •                 a)    What is the UCN transmission time trough a straight guide?
                    b)    What difference to bends make?
                    c)    What shielding should be used between the two cells?
  • Valves - Walt Sondheim
  •                 a)    For controlling superfluid helium volumes
                    b)    For controlling UCNs
                    c)    Are they UCN and polarized 3He friendly?
  • Valve specifications, e.g. leak rate - Steve Lamoreaux
  • Shielding the polarizing magnets - Brad Filippone
  • Discussion of  and decision between separate or combined production and measuring cells - Martin Cooper moderates
  • Cryogenic tests of magnetic shielding - Brad Plaster
  • Cosine theta magnet progress - Jenny Hsiao
  • Dressed-spin coils - Mike Hayden
  • 3He dressed spin - Andrea Sharp
  • Polarized-3He Relaxation Measurements at Duke - Haiyan Gao
  • Polarized-3He Relaxation Measurements at Illinois - Doug Beck or Jen-Chieh Peng or …
  • Equipment for Measuring Neutron Storage Time with the SD2 Source - Jan Boissevain / Bill Teasdale
  • Overview of the 3He test apparatus (Jan Boissevain)   
  • Reports from Berkeley - Alex Sushkov or … and LANL - Steve Lamoreaux / Josh Long / Seppo Penttila…