June 6-8, 2007

EDM Collaboration Meeting in Oak Brook, IL

Attendence: Rick Allen (ORNL), Larry Bartoszek (Bartoszek Engineering/UIUC), Jan Boissevain (Caltech), Pinghan Chu (Illinois), Martin Cooper (LANL), Chris Crawford (Tennessee), Michelle Espy (LANL), Brad Filippone (Caltech), Bob Golub (NCSU), Chris Gould (NCSU), Geoff Greene (Tennesee/ORNL), David Haase (NCSU), Paul Huffman (NCSU), Ernie Ihloff (MIT), Takeyasu Ito (LANL), Maciej Karcz (Illinois), Wolfgang Korsch (Kentucky), Chen-Yu Liu (Indiana), Josh Long (Indiana), Andrei Matlechov (LANL), Brian Mcallister (MIT), James Miller (Boston U), Brad Plaster (Caltech), John Ramsey (LANL), Bob Redwine (MIT), Lee Roberts (Boston U), Riccardo Schmid (Caltech), George Seidel (Brown), Walter Sondheim (LANL), Shigeyuki Tajima (LANL), Quiang (Alan) Ye (Duke), Jacob Yoder (Illinois), Xiaofeng Zhu (Duke)

Collaboration Business (Martin Cooper)

                              a)   New institution vote

                              b)   DOE annual review

                              c)   NSF participation

                              d)   Budgetary information

                              e)   The Nuclear Physics Long Range Plan (Brad Filippone)

                              f)    The next collaboration meeting

The Path to CD-2 (Martin Cooper)

                              a)   R&D schedule

                              b)   Upgrading the schedule and work packages

                              c)   MOU

                              d)   CD-2/CD-3a steps

Specifications for the integrated tests (Paul Huffman)

The dressed-spin idea (Bob Golub)

Latest HV results (Josh Long)

Progress report on the dual use cryostat (John Ramsey)

Resistivity of candidate electrode materials (Takeyasu Ito)

Electromagnetic shielding of the SQUID in the nEDM Experiment (Andrei Matlachov)

Open discussion on the method for supplying the high voltage (moderated by Josh Long.) Hopefully, a conclusion will be reached

Report on neutron optics subsystem meeting (Wolfgang Korsch)

Open discussion on the neutron optics (moderated by Wolfgang Korsch.) Hopefully, a conclusion will be reached

4He Evaporative Purification (David Haase)

Physics considerations determining the operating temperature (Bob Golub)

Dual temperature operation (Jan Boissevain)

3He relaxation time (Jacob Yoder)

3He relaxation time (Alan (Qiang) Ye)

Bucket dewar tests (Doug Beck)

Engineering plan (Jan Boissevain)

FNPB provides nEDM with a building. Now what? (Walt Sondheim)

Preparations for the next UCN storage time measurement (Martin Cooper)

Preparations for the 3He injection test (Xiaofeng Zhu)

Slow controls specifications and nEDM Simulations (Jim Miller)

Magnet development experiments (Brad Plaster)

Half-Scale Dewar (Brad Filippone)

New magnet calculations (Riccardo Schmid)

v X E Depolarization (Riccardo Schmid)

Depolarization Resonances (Riccardo Schmid)

SQUID noise performance in a HV environment (Chen-Yu Liu)

PMT performance at 4K (Takeyasu Ito for Hans Meyer)

Evaluation of R&D Progress (Paul Huffman)