March 2-3, 2006 EDM Collaboration Meeting

Attendence: Larry Bartoszek (Bartoszek Engineering/UIUC), Doug Beck (Illinois), Jan Boissevain (LANL), Alvaro Chavarria (Duke), Vince Cianciolo (ORNL), Martin Cooper (LANL), Scott Currie (LANL), Franklin Dubo (NCSU), Dipangkar Dutta (Duke), Andrea Esler (Illinois), Brad Filippone (Caltech), Haiyan Gao (Duke), Bob Golub (NCSU), David Haase (NCSU), Paul Huffman (NCSU), Takeyasu Ito (LANL), Ekaterina Korobkina (NCSU), Steve Lamoreaux (LANL), Chen-Yu Liu (Indiana), Josh Long (Indiana), Bob McKeown (Caltech), Dan McKinsey (Yale), Chris O’Sjaughnesey (NCSU), Jen-Chieh Peng (Illinois), Brad Plaster (Caltech), Wade Rellergert (Yale), Ricardo Schmid (Caltech), Walter Sondheim (LANL), Alex Sushkov (Berkeley), Steve Williamson (Illinois), Quiang (Alan) Ye (Duke), Jacob Yoder (Illinois)

     Changes to the reference design and the prototype upper cryostat – Jan Boissevain

     EDM sited on the FNPB UCN beam line – Jan Boissevain

     Detecting He triplet dimers with laser-induced fluorescence for the EDM experiment – Dan McKinsey

     PMT testing at LNe temperature – Dan McKinsey

     Simulation of the FNPB 8.9-A neutron-guide – Takeyasu Ito

     Cryogenic considerations for the neutron EDM experiment – David Haase by teleconference

     Processing subsystem – Doug Beck

     Final tests and performance of the atomic beam polarizer part I – Steve Lamoreaux

     3He dressed spin experiments and analysis – Andrea Esler

     Relaxation measurements at UIUC – Jacob Yoder

     Testing VLPCs for the neutron EDM experiment – Alvaro Chavarria

     Obtaining the required magnetic field uniformity – Brad Plaster

     Modified Cosθ Coil – Ricardo Schmid

     Using Kerr effect to measure the electric field and magnetometry with paramagnetic atoms – Alex Sushkov

     EDM Project Management – Joe Onstott

     Collaboration Business – Martin Cooper

1.      News from DOE and NSF

2.      Short-term expectations from subsystem managers

3.      Selection of additional members of the integrated project team

4.      Selection of the subsystem managers

5.      Elements of the conceptual design report (CDR)

6.      Elements of the preliminary project execution plan (PPEP)

7.      “Project plan” for CD-1

8.      Technical design part of the CDR

9.      CDR writing assignments

10.  Guidelines for improving the work breakdown structure (WBS)

11.  WBS development responsibilities

12.  The interplay between CD-1 and R&D

13.  Deciding the approximate date of CD-1

14.  Other assignments

15.  Scheduling collaboration and other meetings from now until CD-1