February 14-15, 2007

EDM Collaboration Meeting at Caltech

Attendence: Mohammad Ahmed (Duke), Ricardo Alarcon (ASU), Rick Allen (ORNL), Septimiu Balascuta (ASU), Peter Barnes (LANL), Larry Bartoszek (Bartoszek Engineering/UIUC), Jan Boissevain (LANL), Dima Budker (Berkeley), Bob Carr (Caltech), Vince Cianciolo (ORNL), Martin Cooper (LANL), Michelle Espy (LANL), Brad Filippone (Caltech), Haiyan Gao (Duke), Bob Golub (NCSU), Geoff Greene (Tennesee/ORNL), David Haase (NCSU), Ernie Ihloff (MIT), Takeyasu Ito (LANL), Ivan Logashenko (Boston U), Josh Long (Indiana), Andrei Matlechov (LANL), Michael Mendenhall (Caltech), James Miller (Boston U), (Andrew) Byung-Kyu Park (Berkeley), Jen-Chieh Peng (Illinois), Brad Plaster (Caltech), John Ramsey (LANL), Bob Redwine (MIT), Riccardo Schmid (Caltech), Walter Sondheim (LANL), Alex Sushkov (Berkeley), Petr Volegov (LANL), Quiang (Alan) Ye (Duke), Xiaofeng Zhu (Duke)

Business Meeting


Collaboration Business (Martin Cooper)

                              a)   New institution vote

                              b)   The DOE CD-1 Reprise Review

                              c)   The CD-1 documents

                              d)   Continuing resolution

                              e)   Town Meeting for the Long Range Plan

                              e)   Publications Committee

                              f)    The next collaboration meeting

The Path to CD-2 (Martin Cooper)

                              a)   R&D schedule

                              b)   Upgrading the schedule and work packages

                              b)   Monitoring progress

                              c)   Engineering approach (Jan Boissevain)

                              d)   Documenting costs

                              e)   CD-2 schedule

                              f)    Specifications for Integrated Tests


Discussions relevant to modifying the reference design


Discussion of the polarizing beam splitter (current design) versus a single magnetic-state selector and splitter (Wolfgang Korsch) and Neutron Guide Optimizations (Chris Crawford) (Wolfgang Korsch, Geoff Greene, Takeyasu Ito, Chris Crawford)

Discussion (Josh Long) of the high-voltage multiplier (current design) versus a 350-kV supply and feed-through (Ernie Ihloff), Kerr Effect in nEDM (Andrew Park) (Josh Long, Ernie Ihloff, Dima Budker)

Discussion of the pros and cons of the various magnetic shielding systems – superconducting, ferromagnetic, Active Shield (Riccardo Schmid), compensating coils, degaussing systems, and their combinations.  Shielding Factors (Brad Filippone), Shield Simulations (Mike Mendenhall) and Field Uniformity (Septimiu Balascuta)  (Brad Filippone, Brad Plaster, Ricardo Alarcon)

Discussion of the optical configuration of the measurement cell, i.e. powdered versus deuterated styrene-embedded dTPB (Takeyasu Ito) and their relation to light collection from the ends or sides of the cells.  Related light guide issues.  Impact of various high-voltage coatings. Silicon PMTs (Vince Cianciolo). PMT afterpulsing (Hans-Otto Meyer). (Takeyasu Ito, Paul Huffman, Martin Cooper, Vince Cianciolo, Hans Meyer)

Discussion of adding NMR SQUID imaging to the design A and B (Petr Volegov/Bob Golub) and pictures I and II,. A justified set of specifications is needed. Details on whether it is possible given the diffusion the size of the thermal source that could be detected or expected, implications for the magnets, and other details are needed. (Bob Golub, Michelle Espy, Petr Volegov, Andrei Matlachov, Mike Hayden)


R&D updates


Current design for the injection and HV R&D apparatus (Jan Boissevain)

Plans for the injection test (Xiaofeng Zhu/Haiyan Gao)

Neutron Storage Time (Takeyasu Ito)

Valve Bucket-Dewar Tests (Steve Williamson)

SQUID sensitivity and noise test plans (Michelle Espy/Steve Lamoreaux)

High Voltage Studies (Josh Long)

3He Relaxation Time (Jacob Yoder)

3He Relaxation Time (Alan (Qiang) Ye)

Geometric Phase Effect (Alan (Qiang) Ye/Bob Golub)

Magnet Development (Brad Plaster)

New Detection Ideas (Steve Lamoreaux)

4He Evaporative Purification (David Haase)

SQUIDs in a HV environment (Chen-Yu Liu)

Monte-Carlo data sets (Vince Cianciolo)