January 22, 2006 EDM Collaboration Meeting

Attendence: Ricardo Alarcon (Arizona State), Rick Allen (ORNL), Libertad Barron-Palos (Arizona State), Larry Bartoszek (Bartoszek Engineering/UIUC), Doug Beck (Illinois), Jan Boissevain (LANL), Dmitry Budker (Berkeley), Vince Cianciolo (ORNL), Martin Cooper (LANL), Scott Currie (LANL), Brad Filippone (Caltech), Haiyan Gao (Duke), Bob Golub (NCSU), Geoff Greene (ORNL/Tennessee), David Haase (NCSU), Mike Hayden (Simon Fraser), Paul Huffman (NCSU), Takeyasu Ito (LANL), Steve Lamoreaux (LANL), Seppo Penttila (LANL), Brad Plaster (Caltech), Bob Redwine (MIT), Lee Roberts (Boston U), Ricardo Schmid (Caltech), Walter Sondheim (LANL), Justin Torgerson (LANL), Quiang (Alan) Ye (Duke)

  The Geometric Phase Systematic: R&D plus Implications for the Reference Design - Bob Golub

  First Results from the Neutron Storage Time Measurement - Takeyasu Ito

  Results on the 3He-Polarization Relaxation Time on d-TPB - Alan Ye

  Diffusive Transport of 3He in the EDM Experiment - Steve Lamoreaux

Additional material: Analysis of 3He T1 Depolarization in Collection Volume, Transfer Tube, and Experimental Volume: Magnetic Field Homogeneity Requirements

  Potential Design Implications of New Results for the Reference Design - Jan Boissevain

  Collaboration Business – Martin Cooper

  Election of New Collaborating Institutions

  Excerpts from the Critical Decision (CD)-0 Document

1)      Meaning of CD-0

2)      Further CD Schedule

3)      Funding Profile

  Project Organization

1)      Contract Project Manager

2)      Organization Chart

3)      Interactions with the NSF

4)      The Integrated Project Team

5)      Federal Project Director

6)      Deputy Contract Project Manager

7)      Operations Manager

8)      Chief Engineer

  DOE Order 413.3

1)      Work in Preparation for CD-1

2)      Meaning of the CD’s

3)      Work in Preparation for CD-2

4)      Project Safety

5)      Teleconferences with DOE

  R&D/Project Funding for FY’06

  Work Breakdown Structure

  Undertaking Work Package Responsibilities

  The Next Collaboration Meeting

  Post Meeting Work – Valves – Doug Beck