November 5-7, 2006 EDM Collaboration Meeting

Attendence: Ricardo Alarcon (ASU), Rick Allen (ORNL), Peter Barnes (LANL), Jan Boissevain (LANL), Dima Budker (Berkeley), Vince Cianciolo (ORNL), Eugene Colton (DOE), Martin Cooper (LANL), Brad Filippone (Caltech), Haiyan Gao (Duke), Bob Golub (NCSU), Chris Gould (NCSU), Geoff Greene (Tennesee/ORNL), Mike Hayden (Simon-Fraser), Ernie Ihloff (MIT), Takeyasu Ito (LANL), Ekaterina Korobkina (NCSU), Steve Lamoreaux (LANL), Hans-Otto Meyer (Indiana), Jen-Chieh Peng (Illinois), Seppo Penttila (ORNL), Brad Plaster (Caltech), John Ramsey (LANL), Bob Redwine (MIT), Doug Sankey (PM Tech), Ricardo Schmid (Caltech), Walter Sondheim (LANL), Alex Sushkov (Berkeley), Steve Williamson (Illinois), Quiang (Alan) Ye (Duke), Jacob Yoder (Illinois)



Discussion of “Sharing Cryostats and DRs”

Discussion of “High Voltage System”, “Electrode Design”, “Extraction of Scintillation Light”, “Seidel’s Comments”, and “Alternate Detection Methods”

 SQUID NMR Signal” (Michelle Espy)

Discussion of “NMR Techniques for Geometric Phase and Beyond” and “Magnetic Field Design to Eliminate Eddy Currents”

Discussion of “Neutron Beam Polarizer and Optics (Ito and Greene and Korsch) (Ito on backgrounds)” and “4He Insulation Volume”


Collaboration Business (Martin Cooper)

                              a)   New institution vote

                              b)   Responding to the DOE CD-1 Review

                              c)   Schedule for obtaining CD-1

                              d)   Budgetary information for FY’07

                              e)   Publications committee (Draft)

                              f)    The next collaboration meeting

Assembly Plans (Vince Cianciolo)

CD-4 Requirements (Talk above) (Vince Cianciolo/ Martin Cooper)

Surprise Topic (Steve Lamroeaux)

Duke (Alan Ye) – “3He Relaxation Time

Duke (Alan Ye) – “Geometric Phase Effect in 3He” (See above)

NCSU (Haase) – “4He Evaporative Purification

Duke (Haiyan Gao) – “3He Injection

NCSU (Bob Golub) – “Slow Controls

Illinois (Jacob Yoder) – “3He Relaxation Time

Illinois (Steve Williamson) – “Valve Development

Indiana (Chen-Yu Liu) – “SQUID NMR Signal

Yale (Steve Lamoreaux or Dan McKinsey) - “Laser Fluorescence

Status of High Voltage Materials Selection (Takeyasu Ito)

Early Results Related to the Geometric Phase I and II (Bob Golub)

NMR Techniques to Measure 3He Distributions (Bob Golub)

Engineering Topics (Jan Boissevain)

Magnetic Fields (Brad Plaster)

Magnetic Fields (Ricardo Schmid)

Magnetic Fields (Ricardo Alarcon)

Indiana (Hans Meyer) – “PMTs at 4 K” (15 min)

Caltech (Brad Filippone) – “Magnet Development” (30 min)

NCSU (Bob Golub) – “Geometric Phase Effect in 3He” (25 min)

LANL (Ito) – “Light Collection” (20 min)

Indiana (Long) – “High Voltage Sudies” (30 min)


Fast Start IIa for Subsystem Managers – Risk and Contingency (Contingency Table)

Fast Start IIb for Subsystem Managers - RevisionsHomework (1.4)


Additional Materials – NCSU/HMI Test Apparatus