Dark Photon Search
There is a worldwide race in the search for dark photons and dark Higgs particles. (Here is a background article in Science Magazine of March 23 2017). If dark photons(dark Higgs) were observed, they would revolutionize our understanding of the fundamental structures and interactions of our universe. There is a unique opportunity today at Fermilab to search directly for dark photon and dark Higgs production in highly motivated parameter space in high-energy proton-nucleus collisions using the existing SeaQuest(E906/E1039/E1027) dimuon spectrometer. This search can be accomplished with parasitic data taking with the upcoming E1039 experiment. The resulting data would provide the world's best sensitivity to darkphoton(darkHiggs) masses between 0.2-10 GeV/c2 for the next decade. Only a relatively minor upgrade of the existing SeaQuest dimuon spectrometer and trigger system is required to improve the acceptance and reduce the trigger rate to an acceptable level.

Hubert van Hecke
Last modified: Wed Jul 11 11:25:39 MDT 2018